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Hi Guys, does anyone know if you can get specific wristbands from anywhere.....? I've know that MPNVoice do MPNVoice wristbands but I was after a PV one.......I've seen you can order them but don't really want 100!!!! or the name of a company that does reasonably priced personal wristband? there seems to be lost of companies cashing in on others misfortune and selling them for a high price...thanks in advance.

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  • I haven't seen any and wanted one so if you find a place I'd appreciate learning where. Thanks. Katie

  • Try the ID Band Company - they do just about every variant possible and I got a good personalised dog tag for my ET from them

  • Thanks guys, oh I've found a company in the US Katie but they don't post to the over here to the UK

  • I suppose you could order a 100 , sell them to us lot , with the profits going to mpn ....lots of work tho .........

  • Incyte is the company in Delaware in the USA (I'm from Wisconsin) that makes the JAK2 inhibitor called Jakafi (Ruxolitinib). If you sign up for Myelofibrosis info on their website, they send you info packets over a 4 month period as well as up to 10 wristbands, but only for MF.

  • I've found a company on ebay and I've ordered some dog tags with personalised wording for £3.99. Thanks for your replies.

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