Surrey based patients

Hey, I know there are a few Surrey UK based patients here and I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me organise a locally based MPN Voice coffee morning with proceeds going to the charity that support us all so well?

I have the charity pack, I may even have a venue, but what I need is people to help me organise, invite their friends and family and people they know. Help me spread the word. Also cakes, we will need cakes.. I am also thinking of throwing some healthy options in there i.e. gluten free, sugar free cakes... so do get in touch and let me know.

Thank you!

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  • Happy to help out if there's something I can do but am still working out how to send private messages!


  • Hi sallie

    Did try to send you a private message as a trial as I just followed what it said on the help info

    Did you get it? Regards. Julie

  • Not so good on the making cakes here!

    Willing hands for making tea and the dreaded washing up though if that helps

  • Glad I'm not the only one still trying to work out private messages!

  • I got yours and replied! It's easy when you know how eh!

  • Think I replied following the instructions! Did you get it?!


  • Sorry no private message, if you click on your profile and go to message and compose should work.. I will send you one then you can reply x

  • Hello, I am in Walton on Thames if that's anywhere near you and would be keen to help in any way possible.

    Best wishes


  • Think have it now (Private messaging). Nice to know a lot of us around. Happy to meet up whenever anyone wants.


  • Got it Sallie! Are you free on Friday 2nd October and are you up for helping us organise a coffee morning locally? xx

  • Oh my gosh Linda, I am literally Oatlands Drive and Walton end we are practically neighbours!! I will message you my number - thank you xx

  • Hi I have tried a private message but I don't think you have received it. I am only in West Byfleet, so also very near to you both, it would be great to do this coffee morning to raise money collectively .

    Annette x

  • Hi, sorry Annette, I don't have a private message. Fab that you are so local too! I think between 2 or 3 of us, we could nail this! I am thinking if we could get something in the diary for the 28th or 30th Sept that still gives enough time to let people know. My number is 07787 323935. Shall we arrange to chat? xx

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