Fatigue & a plant-based diet

Fatigue & a plant-based diet

Hi fellow exhausted folk. I'm 41 and a part time working mom with 2 ADHD boys - 11 and 8. You can imagine how inconvenient the crushing fatigue that accompanies PV is! I find moderate exercise helps, but my energy levels are still lousy. I wake up in the morning feeling as if I have been hit by a truck and it's really depressing. The only time I felt my fatigue lift was when I went on a plant-based diet for 2 weeks. I don't know if it was coincidental, so before I give up lamb chops, I wanted to know if anyone else has had any success? Really finding the tiredness physically and mentally debilitating.

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  • Hi josmollan,

    Love the picture! It sums up the fatique we all feel at times. I have never tried a plant based diet ( love lamb chops too much ) but there are folks on the site that have and there are posts relating to it. It's not easy to search so hopefully someone will answer you.

    Best wishes


  • Hi there is no coincidence in life and especially when it comes to nutrition and health. It is heavily overlooked in preventing, curing, reversing some disease. Now I know it can't cure us but it can help us! I have been 100% plant based well actually vegan now for just over 2 years and it definitely helps, before this I was vegetarian for many years but then consumed fish because my family thought I was ill because I didn't consume meat how wrong they were, I had PV which was undiagnosed for 4 years. There are also other long term benefits from eating "living" foods rather than animal products. I have even tried raw for a month in August and felt better still but it's hard to maintain in the UK and although I am still trying to eat raw foods i.e. fruit and salad I am back to cooked foods and sometimes vegan junk food as life is too short however, how I feel and living my life to the fullest each and every day is what is most important to me. I won't go into the environmental factors or the compassionate reasons but let's just say I love lambs, running free around a field. I would highly recommend the documentary film "What the Health" available on Netflix and also I am reading 'The China Study" which is scientific research into nutrition and the biggest study ever which spanned some 27 years, let's just say it's an eye opener. I am studying nutritional therapy for vegetarians and vegans and learning a lot along the way. Hope this helps xxx

  • Thanks so much for the response. Did going vegan help your energy levels?

  • Yes. It also helps me sleep better at night knowing I am not contributing to any suffering. We are all energy and I believe consuming living foods is the way forward how we are supposed to function best. xxx

  • I’m 39 with PV and 2 girls (10 and 7), so I get it! It’s awful to be so tired all the time! No one really understands either.

    How are you eating a plant-based diet? Aren’t you on Warfarin? I prefer a plant-based diet but must limit it because the greens mess up my INR.


  • Not all plants are green though :)

  • Hi Louise, how you doing

    Linda from Walton x

  • There is no one perfect diet, sadly. My fatigue comes and goes. The best way for me to control it is to exercise daily, about a 40 minute or less walk with the dog. AND, to stay well hydrated, by blood levels are lower the better hydrated I am. For me a protein shake based diet works wonders, it is quick and easy. Plus, I can fix my family what they like to eat and nibble occasionally at what they have, lamb chops and all!

    My suggestion is that you first make sure to stay hydrated, then get some exercise even 15 minutes of walking is great, when done consistently. Then experiment with your diet, maybe more veggies etc with a little meat and fish. Maybe all plant based with protein shakes.

    Have you had your sugar levels checked? An A1C can be done the same time they draw your blood for labs for your doctor.

    Good luck!

  • Hi

    Your fatigue is caused by magnesium deficiency, read my post "Fatigue how I cured mine" a bit further down. Hydroxy depletes magnesium big-time.


  • Is Josmollan on hydroxy?

  • I think so.

  • Yes - 2 a Day

  • Hi Peter, this may not apply to everyone who is taking Hydroxy, but it is worth knowing. Maz

  • Yup I take high dose magnesium every single day so am pretty sure I’m not deficient.

  • Hi Mazcd

    I was on Hydroxy for two years and my fatigue got a lot worse, i'm now on a anagrelide. The message I'm trying to get across to people is a lot of symptoms on this forum are related to magnesium deficiency please do your own research.


  • Hi Peter, as I said, it is very interesting and I am sure a lot of people will look into this, but you cannot say that everyone who is experiencing fatigue is magnesium deficient because they are on Hydroxy, they may not be magnesium deficient. It is always best for people to check with their haematologist or GP about blood counts before taking any supplements etc. Maz

  • I’m too lazy to try a vegetarian lifestyle but for those on Warfarin who wish to, ask your doc if you can switch to Eliquis as a blood thinner. You don’t need to limit or monitor your intake of greens as there’s no interaction. Katie

  • I was told not to eat meat and b careful with green foods, don't have orange juice and green foods on the same day, because the vitamin C speeds up the iron , if I eat meat, to eat 2inch a month and eat cheese afterwards to slow down the iron,. A nurse told me that the cells have a life cycle and when I feel awful no energy etc it is because the cells are dying and being replaced with new cells. So its just up and down so i try to work out my cycle and if it has a pattern. Have your B vitamins checked and vit D, dont take any supplements unless you check with your consultant. You could ask your gp to be referred to a nutritionist/dietician, i found it useful, they check for deficiences and imbalances.I imagine a young family wears you out too. Download Headspace and Calm apps free ,

    I. Loved the photo

  • The fatigue is such a challenge; I wake up exhausted. As another member posted, exercise seems to help. I make myself walk 2-3 miles daily, definitely helps, along with lots of pure water.

    We have to remember our bone marrow is over-working, and it is essentially an organ, so fatigue happens when organs have to work so hard.

    I also made lifestyle changes to be minamalist, with less stuff, and a smaller home.

    Take care.

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