Manchester meet up!

Hi everyone, i was wondering whether anyone living in or around manchester would like to organise a meet up for peer support? I would always love to attend the forums but london is a little far away and it always seems to fall on a work day.

I live in Old Trafford but am happy to meet in central Manchester.

If people are interested please let me know and then depending on numbers i can arrange somewhere to meet.


Jennie xx

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  • Hi Jennie

    A great idea. I live in Preston and could come over by train. Hope there's enough of us interested in meeting up.

  • Hi Jennie

    I live in Bolton so can get to Manchester easily. I'm sure there are other people in the area who would like the chance to meet up. Let's hope that some others chip in and we can set a date.


  • Hi Jennie - that sounds like a great idea. I'm Manchester based so count me in.

    Lesley x

  • Hi Jennie - I think this is a good idea - I live near Accrinton. I am newly diagnosed with ET - just over a week ago. Look forward to hearing from you. Sue

  • Hi Jennie,

    Great idea! I live in the Lakes but Manchester is no problem - I'm a patient at Christies and bob to Manchester shopping as well.

    Could I trouble you to email me directly please as I often have trouble logging in to this site. Drives me potty!

    My email is




  • Hey this is great news! I'm really glad people think it is a good idea :)

    Would it be better for everyone to arrange to do this at the evening or weekends rather than during the day?

    We might be able to use a meeting room at The Christie or my office actually has a meeting room that we could use during the evening but unfortunately not at weekend, another option is to try and book somewhere is the centre and use my powers of persuasion to get a venue with a room to hire it for free or alternatively we could book a restaurant and go for a drink/food.

    If people could let me know their preferences i can start sorting it all :) I'm excited to meet everybody! I've never actually met anyone else with ET face to face!!

    Jen xxx

  • Hi Jen

    A meeting in the evening or at weekend is better for me. I work in the city centre as well so can meet early evening if that suits everyone better. Will be good to meet everyone although I've not got ET, have got MF. Good to meet anytime but I do go on holiday from 11 August for a couple of weeks so hopefully will be before or after then.


  • It's looking like there's enough of us to get together which is great!

    As I would travel by train early evening or weekend are most convenient for me and town centre would be perfect.

    I have ET recently diagnosed and

    I look forward to meeting others in a similar situation.

    Best wishes

    Ruth x

  • Hi Jennie

    As I no longer work any time is okay with me. I'll just fit in with a time which suits the rest of you. If it's evenings or weekends it might be best meeting in a restaurant or bar. Just to add another MPN to the mix I have PV.

    Thanks for making the effort to organise this.


  • Hi Jennie

    I live local to Manchester and would be very interested in a meet-up.

  • Hi Jen

    Live in Oldham very interested in a meet up work shifts so would have to try and go with the flow. Meal meet up would be good.

    Michelle xx

  • Hi

    I live in Leeds but work in Manchester sometimes so easy enough to come over - I was diagnosed with ET when 24 over 12 years ago now but never managed to get to any of the forums - currently pregnant with 2nd and due in 6 weeks so hoping can come and meet up before the sleepless nights start!!!

    Take care


  • Hi Becky thats fab news about your pregnancy! I hope you can make it as i have lots of questions about ET and pregnancy as I'm hoping to try for a baby soon...

  • Really happy to help Hun - this is my second too so got loads of stuff I can tell you about! The good thing about it all is you will be consultant led and they really look after you - best date for me is Thursday 30th and happy to chip in

  • So the latest is that the cheapest place that has meeting rooms we can use in the evening is this place the room hire is relatively cheap at £28 for the evening (if they have that room available) and then we can order tea and coffee.

    This is pretty much as central as i can find without being charged extortionate prices, i'm thinking evening would be best say 6pm till 8pm but people could drop in and out whenever they want...

    How does everyone feel about chipping in £4 on the night to cover the room cost and teas and coffees, i'll bring cake as well :)

    The dates I was thinking to meet this month were either Thursday the 23rd of July or Thursday the 30th of July... Hopefully one of these dates will suit the majority

    Jen xx

  • Thank you for organising our first meeting of what I hope will become a regular forum in which to share our MPN experiences.

    The venue you suggest is fine with me as is the £4 contribution.

    As for dates my preference is 30th.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    Best regards Ruth x

  • How about I just get the Slug and Lettuce in Albert Square to reserve the couch area for us. It won't cost us anything but obviously will just have to pay for any drinks and/or food we want on the night.

  • Hi Lesley,

    If they would actually reserve it, then it could work. My only concern would be that this meet up might be the first time people with an MPD have met other people and actually talked about issues and concerns or maybe newly diagnosed which can often bring up a lot of unexpected emotions, I wouldn't want to prevent anyone from coming or prevent anyone from talking about the issues they face because they are in an open public place with the rest of the 'general public' if you know what i mean.

    Whilst my dream for the meet up is that everyone has a great time i think we need to be aware that as sometimes is the case with peer support groups people can sometimes because upset, often with the relief of having someone to finally talk to about things that are essentially private, so i would worry that such a public place might not be the right environment for our first meet up...

    But obviously if people would prefer that then I am happy to consider this option.

    Jen xx

  • Good thinking Jen. Probably right about getting somewhere more private. The area in Slug and Lettuce is easily reserved but it is open to the bar area so not really private. I'm happy with the venue you mentioned anyway.

    Thanks for sorting this and if you need any help on the ground as such just let me know.

    Lesley x

  • Hi Jennie, this is a great idea, thank you for organizing it, I would like to come along as well to meet you all. Maz

  • Hi Maz,

    No problem, hopefully it will be a great evening! It would be great to finally meet you face to face :)

    As soon as the venue can confirm a date I will drop you an email and maybe you could send it out on an MPD voice email for us, so we can invite other people who might not be on here...



  • Hi Jennie, it will be lovely to meet you as well. Of course I can send out an email, happy to do that. Maz

  • Hi Maz

    Would it possible to 'pin' the Manchester meet up info? Be really helpful for any members like me with poor short term memory!!



  • Hi Ruth, I have pinned it. Maz

  • Hi everyone!

    I have booked the quakers meeting room in the city centre for Thursday the 30th of July.

    We have the room from 6pm until 8pm. I hope as many people as possible can come, i'm really looking forward to meeting everybody.

    I have had to pay the room hire in advance, but teas and coffees they are allowing me to pay on the night, so as mentioned before if everyone could chip in approx £4 each that would be fantastic.

    See you all soon!

    Jen xx

  • Thank you so much for organising this exciting new event.

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

    Best wishes

    Ruth x

  • That's great Jen and I've put in my calendar. Really looking forward to seeing everyone there x

  • Look forward to seeing everyone thanks for organising this.

  • Thanks again for putting in the effort to organise this. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


  • Thanks Jennie for organising this, your a star (I live 10 min away from Manchester on the tram). I hadn't realised there were so many of us locally! I haven't been on Healthunlocked for a good few days so only just seen and am really gutted I won't be able to make it as I am away from the 22 July to the 5th Aug :-(. I am definately up for any more and hope you all have a great meet up! X

  • Hi, would have loved to have come but that day I have an eye clinic referral to attend at tea time. Live on the Wirral but can drive over so when you have a second meeting I would be very interested. Email is

    Hope the meeting goes well

  • Hi Jennie - I have been looking out for more details - has anything been arranged?

    Catch up later, Sue 21 July 2015

  • Hi Sue, yes the details are in this feed. Merting at the quakers meeting house 6pm till 8pm on thursday the 30th of july. I'm asking everyone for £4 to cover room hire and teas and coffees etc.

    Jen xx

  • Dear Jennie - thank you very much for the invitation but unfortunately I am unable to attend. I am very sorry - I would welcome some feedback from the meeting and hopefully be able to attend a future event. I send my best wishes to you all and shall be thinking of you.

    Take care, Sue

  • Hi Everyone,

    Looking forward to meeting you all tonight I hope as many people as possible can make it!

    Jennie x

  • Hi Jennie

    Only just seen this and gutted as unable to make as have my toddler all day and no sitter as hubbie working! - think I need to pin this group as didn't have anything come up on my feed but been finishing off work for mat leave so might have missed it! So sorry as looking forward to meeting up! Please let me know when your next meeting up again as am really keen to - am waiting to see if need c section again as baby keeps turning and doesn't want to decide which way gonna stay so might be immobile for 6 weeks from the 12th!

    Hope you have a great night everyone x

  • Aww thats such a shame as i had so many questions for you! As my consultant as just told me they "do not condone a pregnancy with my condition" would you mind if i emailed you some questions as i'd like to get a second opinion from your consultant about it as mine isnt having any of it!

    hope you don't end up having to stay immobile!

    Jen xx

  • Of course you can Hun! I was told when first diagnosed that having a child probably would not be an option but very supportive at St James hospital and a couple of people as well as myself they have managed the condition whilst pregnant! In fact both times my platelets have improved! I was asked last time if all my notes etc could go in a study they are doing nationally on being pregnant on pegulated interferon and that this medication will become standard course of treatment of you want to have a baby so think. Your consultant probably isn't aware this is going on as currently not the typical route maybe?!?!? Let me know any of your queries and happy to talk to my consultant and ask for second opinion for you!!!

    Take care

    Becs x

  • Sorry I missed the Manchester forum. Please do not pay for accommodation the next time it is organised, I work in a central location and can offer a free private space with free tea/coffee etc. just let me know - I have ET

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