I'm dying to meet you !!......lets not leave it any longer !,,,

Iv found the perfect place ,it's got outside the door parking ,super facilities .coffee shop cumfy sofas ,and best of all it's free , come on let's meet up and chin wag , you know you will feel so much better if you just make the effort ,Cambridge is easy to come to .i promise you a day to remember ......this is my personal invitation .im dying to meet YOU twinkly .......

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  • Aw Twinkly I would very much love to meet you but Cambridge is a fair way for me. I will keep an eye on your post and see if the date is possible for me to travel. If i am not able to come have fun! xxx

  • This beautiful garden centre is situated quite close to addenbrooks hospital Cambridge .

    It has a direct link to the M 11 motorway . Scotsdales .so easy access they cater for coach parties ,to come over for lunch .the staff are lovely .. I asked for August 20 th a Wednesday ,middle of the week ,we can use the specially built big purpose built garden rooms .to sit and relax ,it's great ,, Mary the organiser was so helpful she organises yoga classes ,computer help,talks ,and afternoon entertainment ,when the children come from Chernobyl for 4 weeks to recuperate .. I'm just hoping some may take advantage of this free day out to meet up . Twinkly X

  • Ah Twinkly, you are super organised. Cambridge for me at the moment is quite a journey, I am so lacking in energy - so many things I agree to and then find it is all too much so then come all the way home again. London I can manage. I am having my interview with Prof Harrison on the 18th August and am so hopeful she will have some answers for me. Mind you this hot weather does not suit me at all and I used to love it so. For all of you that get together, have a lovely day and thank you Twinkly. Linds x

  • Iv been today to meet Mary .she organises the centre it's amazing ,,all those involved from all walks of life all ages have had cancer ,,they open it every day free ,the food is home made ,,( pink cup cakes ) the people are very friendly ..the big white sofas can be moved to make chatting areas ,,they are starting to grow organic in raised beds ,outside ,

    Juice ing is becoming popular , talks on all subjects arranged ,,I think it's ideal for us with our needs .so all I need now is a little support ,, Twinkly ..

  • Hi Twinkly, did meet you, sat next to you at the Colchester Forum! Thought you were a Star!

    Best regards, Tinkerbell

  • Thank you tinker bell I remember that day well it was really good to put faces to names ,my husband felt he learned much from those gathered there ,,sometimes we forget the effects on our family and friends around us, send you my love and good wishes ,,twinkly x

  • Would love to meet up on Aug 20th. I live in Cambridge area. Hope you get enough interest to make it worthwhile. I wait to hear more. Barbara

  • You and me both babs ,,it's a wonderful place ,in a garden setting ,

    The ladies are so nice ,all with stories to tell .some so brave I was truly moved .

    Even met some grumpy old men too .its an exciting world ,, Look forward to meeting you .it will be great !! Twinkly. X

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