Raised white blood cell count

I was just wondering if anyone else has raised wbc count? Mine appears to have been rising over the past year and is now above the normal levels. My Dr told me it was nothing to worry about, does anyone know if this is a usual phenomenon with ET? My next appointment is in December, so I'll be interested to see what's going on.


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  • Hi

    My Sisters was elevated last year and her consultant did advise nothing to worry about.

    She has ET


  • Sorry, can't help with the raised WBC as its my RBC that's raised! I have ET too. I will be having a red cell mass count if at next appt in Oct they are still above normal. Not sure if there is an equivalent for white blood cells?

  • Hi LRH1977 , my whites have fluctuated over v the years and my dad had a raised count recently which doc thought might be a blood infection but nothing was determined and his count dropped to normal after 2 weeks. . Mine used to Bob up and down partly through minor infections which although not troubling in themselves it showed in my counts. . So I guess as our friend Paul says if the doc / consultant isn't overly concerned then sleep easy. . My best wishes come your way. JR

  • Hi JR how are you getting on? I think of you all the time. What does your dad have? Mel x

  • Hello Mel, , ,my dad just has 'old age', no bad thing I'd say. My dear mum passed many years back from Myeloma and her mum passed before I came along from leukemia. . I'm doing OK thanks , getting my bag packed up for admission next week. . It's very touching that you find time to wonder how I am. Last couple weeks been a tad full on with tests etc. Went to visit my son and family before my car went back to dealership as I won'the be driving for a good while and I was struggling with cost anyway. . Have to what Norman Tebbit advised and 'get on my bike'. . .All my very best regards to you and yours. JR

  • I hate hospitals and tests so i feel for you. I had a 6 week stay aged 18 with meningitas, it felt like a life time and I missed a really good snow fall, but my dad did bring me in a snow ball in a plastic bag! LOL!!! Take care. Mel x

  • HAHA I love that ingenuity , obviously an everlasting memory for you. . .

  • I have PV and my white cell count is high 95% of the time. My heam never seems to concerned. Probably no help what so ever to you so signing off now. Best wishes Mel x

  • Hi there

    My WBC has been up for the past 11 months so have now had hydrox increased to stabilise things but told its just part of the condition (PV) and no big worry although like yourself, you do question these things, sure you will be okay.


  • Pay attention to the people around you. If anyone is sick, your body will start dealing with that before you feel it. Increased WBC production is a primary response to local pathogens. So if someone around you has been sick, you can expect to have a higher WBC count.

  • I'm around sick people all the time in my job, so that could definitely make sense! Thanks :)

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