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Daratumumab Drug Trial


I was wondering if anyone has heard of a new drug (I think) called Daratumumab. There was a small piece in the newspaper (Perth WA) regarding this new drug, saying that "it has produced excellent results for patients, with an incurable blood cancer, with many expected to go into remission. One third of the 15 multiple myeloma patients taking part in the drug trial have already gone into complete remission. Haemnatologist said they have gone into a deep remission and in a very timely fashion."

Would be very interested if anyone knows anything about it, My husband has myelofibrosis abd his current drugs have stopped working.

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That does sound exciting. Lets hope we hear more about it soon especially for your husband's sake and others of us whose situation is becoming urgent.❤


I've never heard of it and would be interested to know how you found out about this drug. I also have MF but am doing OK on Rux/panobinistat at the moment. My spleen is refusing to shrink and remains at 17 cm. I'm going for my monthly check up on 25th Aug and will ask my haem and clinical trial nurses if they've heard of this drug or maybe then can get info. I'll let you know the outcome. I did try googling (as you do) this drug but nothing. Wish your husband all the best what's his next step?


New drug trails on a new Jak inhibiter its called Momelotinib I might be put forward to try it as the Ruxolitinib does not seem to be working after having been on it a year.


Pacritinib may come first


I had more luck with googling it. In fact, I found quite a lot about it. It appears that it is a drug that is undergoing trials at the moment and is not available to patients outside of trials. It is called a monoclonal antibody and is aimed at multiple myeloma patients. A monoclonal antibody is an antibody that mimics antibodies produced by our own immune system and attacks just one (hence mono-clonal) particular enzyme on the surface of affected cells. The enzyme is called CD-38 which is commonly found on the surface of myeloma cells. The drug attaches itself to it and kills the cell. It has had very good results so far. Whether or not it is suitable for MF (or other MPN) patients is not known. None of the articles I've read mentions it. They all refer purely to myeloma sufferers. Perhaps it can be adapted to other blood cancers in time for us to benefit from it. At the moment it seems like Lady Luck is on the side of myeloma patients.


I know this is a late stage investigational drug for myeloma. I have not heard about it for MF. I think these are pretty different conditions. Another MF drug coming along is pacritinib. That might be more useful, but an MPN specialist might know best.


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