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Conditioning before BMT

I have MF and in a couple of weeks will be having a BMT.

My age (53) and relatively good health led me to believe I would be receiving a full and complete 'washout' before the BMT; however my consultant has hinted that a slightly lighter protocol may be chosen.

I can understand the advantages of a lighter protocol but what are the disadvantages (greater risk of rejection, complications..... ?).

Thanks for any feedback.


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I have no idea I'm afraid but I just wanted to wish you good luck and I hope it all goes well for you xx

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Good Luck hope all goes well for you, sorry can't offer any advice as I have no idea xx



Hi Crapaud , firstly let me say great news you are having your transplant assuming you also see it that way of course. . Have you a sibling donor.

The question you ask is I think something your transplant bod / co-ordinator will be best placed to answer as there must be a reason behind their thinking to do with having all the info' from your various tests. . My guess would be that it's a good thing to undergo a lighter protocol for the reasons you say, I can't see a downside.

Don't forget some peops have to have initial chemo to take out leukemic cells just prior to transplant so compared to them assuming you don't have AML yours is a 'lighter' one. . And some peops don't need total body irradiation for instance.

Anyway it ain't long off and I think you should ring your co-ordinator today and ask the question to set your mind at rest.



Afraid I can not help questions wise, but wishing you all the very best with it and let us know how it goes. Lizx


Can't give you any advice except to ring your doctor/specialist nurse, and wish you the very best of luck with it. X


Sorry I too am ignorant of ins and outs. But wish you all the best and resultant good health. Kisses and cuddles.x


Assume you are referring to Refuced Intensity rather than Fully Ablative. The latter is used on younger patients as it is very demanding. I had my a Reduced Intensity SCT (BMT) for MF 4.5 years ago. I buddy for MPNVoice, talking to those considering or heading for transplant, and would be happy to chat to you about the process if you wish. Alternatively you can read my story in the MPNForum magazine archives.



Good luck from me also , sorry i dont know either. im newly diagnosed with the ET regards Holly


Good luck and keep up your sprit and stay strong.xx


Thanks to all of you for your kind supportive messages and wishes.

I'm going for this in a positive state of mind.

I'll be discussing with the consultant on Monday - but I am ease and confident that the hospital team will make the necessary and advised choices.

Thanks for your support.



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