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Bone marrow transplant with MF

I have been recently diagnosed with MF and am in the initial phase (being treated with PEGASYS).

In your recent MF leaflet the article appears to indicated that a bone marrow transplant is a 'last resort' ('not commonly recommended'.... advanced disease).

My hermatologist here in France appears to want to push for a transplant very rapidly indicating that it is the only cure for MF and my age ~ 50 favours this.

I am confused. Since I am in the early phases of MF and according to your leaflet a BMT is not recommended why would a consultant push for such an intervention?

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Hi Crapaud, I am getting some further advice for you. Maz


Hi again, I have had some advice from Prof Harrison at Guy's & St Thomas', London, for you, and she has suggested that when you next visit your haematologist in France that you take a list of questions such as: What stage is my MF at? What treatment options are there? Why are you considering transplant now? Or, are you just discussing it so that I am aware etc.

She has also said that as with any treatment plans/options for anyone who has a MPN, lots of factors are taken into account when making any decisions, and the decision to transplant or not is based on patient and disease factors, and to remember that it is the only curative therapy for MF, as our leaflet says, and in young patients whose disease is at or is beyond a certain stage, then it may well be the first resort, but we would not regard it as a last resort. I do hope this advice helps. Kind regards, Maz.


Hi crapaud. I am a three year transplant survivor who chats to MF patients who could potentially haveI a transplant. Happy to talk to you about it either by email or I will telephone you next week (I am away at present). Chris


Have can I e-mail without it going 'public'?

Thanks for your help.


email me on


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