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Good Luck with your Abseil Challenge on Saturday

On Saturday 27th June Laura Blake and Pete Taylor will be 'throwing themselves off' the front of the Golden Jubilee Wing of King's College Hospital in London.

Good Luck Laura and Pete and have an amazing time and enjoy every second!!

MPN Voice and the MPN Voice Community would like to Thank You for all your wonderful support.

If you would like to sponsor Laura and Pete, please go to their Just Giving Page

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Here Here. . . . A worthy challenge for a very worthy cause. Can't add much more to Marilyns post except - rather you than me. . . If Big 'G' had wanted us to be birds he/she would have given us wings. Have a good 'flight. Cheers JR.


Good luck Laura and Pete, and thank you for doing this for MPN Voice. Maz x


Thanks guys. Not long now! I'm very pleased to say we've surpassed our original target of £750 - now making efforts to push it to £1,000 if at all possible. Looking forward to that 'touch down' moment!



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