MPNs and MPN Voice featured in The Telegraph Newspaper

Read all about it!

The Telegraph newspaper has a very interesting article in its edition today highlighting MPNs and other rare blood cancers/neoplasms and gives a mention to MPN Voice, how we started and how we support people around the world with MPNs, it also mentions the recent forum we held in London. Read the full article here ...

Please note that the telephone helpline number given at the end of the article is for the Rarer Cancers Foundation, not MPN Voice, if you would like any information on MPNs, or help and support maybe from a buddy, then please email

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  • Be really good if this information brings in some more finances !! Maybe we could hold more forums or get together days around the country ,,We need all the support we can get ! Don't you all agree ?? Twinkly. X

  • Fantastic to get an article in a national newspaper recognising MPN's and the great work MPN voice do and support MPN voice provides. Hopefully it will bring this to attention of a wider audience and as Twinkly says bring more money in. Thanks Maz for letting us all know. Liz C xx

  • Maz, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I don't take The Telegraph so would not have known about it.

    It is an excellent piece to put before my private health provider who would have nothing to do with my diagnosis as they did not recognise it! I don't need them now but it will be great to prove a point and maybe help others when they face the same brick wall.

    Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to get this recognition, the pioneers in the early days. We are able to get the benefit and support that the MPN organisation gives us all. More power in the future.


  • So pleased our rare blood Disease is getting out there & I was glad to be one of those 130 on line viewers ,

    Awesome work From MPN Voice x

    Pan x

  • Maz, I can't get that site to open and I don't think I can get it here by googling it. Is there a way to post it so we can open it please? Thanks, Katie

    P.S. Glad MPN Voice is getting more recognition. I think you know how much it means to all of us!


  • Hi Katie, you can still open the link to the article

    best wishes, Maz x

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