Concerns on useing hair dye with a mPD

Just wondering if anyone knows if its okay to still put colour on my roots , i have been doing this for 30 years since going grey, my concern is also is there eviidence this as caused my ET jaj 2 poss ? thank you

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  • Blimey Catwoman I colour my own hair every 6-8 weeks. Can't stop now - I'd have to wear a Balaclava :) :) :) On a more serious note I have had symptoms of ET/PVR years before diagnosis and I didn't dye my hair then, so who knows.............................. Best Wishes

  • yes same here been dyeing hair for 30 year but gone alot lighter so i dont need to do so often but grey comes through soo quick that have to use permanent dye castings wont cover grey Chrissie, yes indy pindy Balaclava or wig haha , but will ask at hospital but like Mazcd posted no evidence it causes MPDs i suppose its like alot things in life regarding Cancers most things we eat/ enjoy the media soon gets public worried ,then they admit oh we can have xyz after all grr 🍷🍰 x

  • Hi cat woman, I too have et and use casting by l'oreil or a veg dye out health food shop but that expensive , was advised by my consultant as others have chemicals in them x hope this helps x Chrissie

  • Hi Catwoman, it is ok to use hair dyes/colours, and there is no evidence to suggest that they cause ET, just remember that if you change to a different brand to the one you usually use you must follow the instructions for use and carry out the strand and skin allergy tests before using it. Maz

  • Thanks very much Mazcd x

  • I dye my hair regularly with no raise in blood levels and lets face it our crowning glory is mega important for our confidence

  • Agree Shelly,been trying to leave longer time between root touch up some hair dyes do smell strong unlike ones they use in hair salon but cant keep paying there prices 😗

  • make sure you do strand test and agree too expensive so have to do at home hope it goes well x

  • Thanks shelly , mobile hairdressers bit cheaper , Thank God , you stay well regards Holly x

  • Not sure what my natural colour is, haven't seen it since about 1972!! Got a lot of grey in it now though! I coloured it myself for years, but it didn't seem to take as well since being on the HU. So now I splash out every 6 weeks at a salon, got to treat myself with something - after all I do have a serious illness!!! (ET) I have lots of highlights, done with foil, 2 different colours. (Haven't told him indoors how much it costs tho! LOL) My hair has thinned somewhat since being on the HU so need the highlights to create the illusion of volume, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. If it thins a lot more I'll wear a wig.

  • Hi Lizziep, haha yea much same as myself ! i have decided at my age now blow it im getting a profectianal lady hair dressr in to do my roots i have her just do highlights every 3 month but to be honest at age 63 i find it hard to do back of hair and at least there products dont smell so strong eh so wed next week shel be here cost well ...... have to see haha ,hope your well at mo and got sunshine in your of uk Holly x

  • let us know how you get on xxx

  • Hi

    I have PV and take hydroxicarbamide which is slowly making my hair thinner.

    Not too bothered but have decided to stop having my highlights done ( 61 been grey for a bit) as no doubt colouring hair doesn't really do it much good! So, a roos up between healthier hair and coloured hair I'd say! Quite sure colouring doesn't affect my PV though so don't worry!



  • Thank you Louise , my Gp said its okay , she sais she as some patients who say there hair as never been better , so i guess it just depends on the indivisual ,like in all things sometimes though Louise high lights give an illusion of hsir looking thinner , i can recomend a great shampoo my brother uses it for thiinig hair and over several months its mad a dramactic sffect on his hair you can buy in boots but he gets direct from company over the phone but you only need small amount ,they will give you samples to try before you buy its a nice shampoo full stop i shall be getting some i was sent samples best wishes holly xx

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