Is it just me?

Is it just me that feels cold all the time? I'm always putting the heating on, my husband is turning it off! Even on a warmish day I have a cardigan on - indoors. We holiday in this country, as we take our dogs with us, and neither of us likes really hot weather either, so, of course, I'm never really warm. My husband is just in a tee shirt I've got a jumper and jacket on! I'm on HU and aspirin.

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  • When i was very anaemic i was cold all the time, feet like ice blocks cold. How are your blood counts?

  • Blood counts not too bad - at the moment.

  • I feel cold most of the time too (except for when the night sweats rear their ugly head which is most nights, and occasional days too!). Like Paul, it is worse if I become anaemic. I am on hydroxycarbomide, aspirin and clopidogrel.

  • I was cold to my core when I was anaemic.

  • I feel on cold side most of time except like Nick when night sweats start when I alternate between hot and cold. I did feel cold before I was diagnosed with ET in 2012 but worse since then. I am on hydroxy and Aspirin too. Though I must say I lost a lot of weight when I was first diagnosed as I was pretty ill following a thrombosis and never put it all back on, though I have always been on slim side. And just recently confirmed I have underactive thyroid And apparently you can feel cold with that too. so I am not what it's due to or if I just have poor circulation.

    That does provide you with a solution but just to say your are not alone. Let's hope things warm up weather wise xx

  • Here here Liz it's nearly flamin June and 'Er Indoors' wants the central heatin' on AGAIN. . I bought her one o' them onesie jobbies but no joy there - maybe she didn't like the tail. . I'm now checkin out Damart as she's taken to buying Bridgit Jones type underwear. .Great. Personally I run 'hot' with the MF so we are constantly at loggerheads. Guess we're not alone. . .

  • We call the big knickers "belly warmers"! Lol.

  • Haha you make me laugh ,you must be scotish ? yes thermal underwear and longjohns very stylish haha mind you there better than they were years ago , i can be chilly for a while then put heating on so then im too warm it depends has well if ladies are of a certain age ,! that doesnt help but medication like beta blockers Asprin ,warfrin are all known to make us feel the cold more than most and jedireject of course beer warm you up hehe 👍😀

  • Aye Catwoman just popped out for a few scoops and I don't mean a super large ice cream. And big knicks are big knicks whether int 70s, 90s or bought yesterday. And you're right i saved on the heating when my wee wifey was goin through her tropical moments. . Of course I was empathetic and didn't mention the saving. Cheers JR

  • Haha ☺️

  • you gotta try and have a giggle at life here and there otherwise whats the point. . Im far too serious for me own good nowadays. . . x

  • How very dare you suggest I am Scottish - I am from Gods Own County of Yorkshire!!! XXX LOL

  • Hi Lizziep ,i meant jedireject, sounds scotish ! yes rememberd your a yorkshire lass lovely place you live in . xx

  • Noo Catwoman - Im a Lanky lad and I don't mean I'm 6'5. Just to illuminate you I'm a wee guy from Blackpooool. . You're part right coz my wife is a wee feisty Scot. . Cheers

  • Hi JR my other half would sympathise, I only just trying to make do without the heatingon all the time. What with that and me constantly whipping the duvet off and on all night he is in danger of being driven mad! I suppose we women tend to feel cold more or maybe it just because I am a wimpy southerner! Wish I drank whisky or brandy that would warm me up! Take care Liz xx

  • Dear Liz I can assure you drink is not the answer, for one thing spirits thin your blood so whilst your gullet burns like fury you could actually feel colder as a result, unless you over indulge and got too ratted to feel owt. Its funny about the duvet as I tend to toss it over my wife then accuse her of hogging all of it. . She gets annoyed and says 'there have it back' and I chip in with the old 'single beds at our age' quip and wait for the fallout. I'm a wee devil. . Take care and get yourself a single heated quilt just for your side. . Cheers JR

  • Thanks for the replies. I do sometimes get night sweats, so there's no pleasing me is there?! I'm probably just what we call here in Gods own country "nesh"! (that means you feel cold when everyone else is warm)

  • Should of guessed you are a Yorkshire lass but in spite of that I would argue lizzziep it's mainly down to the fact you are a woman. . . I'm now retreating into my bunker LOL. . . go get your belly waarmers on. . Keep yersen waarm lass. JR x

  • My hubby has PV and is cold ALL the time! Our heating is still on now! It has to be a blazing hot day for him to take jumper off and never wears shorts! He takes hydroxy and aspirin.

  • Hi everyone,

    Yes me too.

    I'd put it down to weight lost about two years ago ( 2 stone long story, am now just over 8st - no bad thing I feel soooo much better) and not having much flesh on my bones! We've still got the heating on full blast and as I write I'm huddled next to the Aga.

    However, here in the Lakes it's 9 degrees this morning and if it was mid Feb we'd certainly have the heating on!

    I go by the temperature and not the season. I do though, overheat at night and have a 4.5 tog duvet on with most of it thrown over my poor husband who complains he's chilly in bed!

    Can't win.

    I guess the solution is two small houses and wave at each other across the garden fence!



  • Hello, yes, get teased by family for wearing cardigans and still winter coat, whereas some in tee shirts! Have nightly melt downs (sweats) so just come to the conclusion it is freezing by day and roasting at night....have ET but not on any drugs at the moment....sending you best wishes and empathy...Tinkerbell13

  • Thanks for all replies, it must be a combination of ET, drugs, and being a woman! Must get back under this blanket as I sit by the fire now! Best wishes all.

  • Good luck lizziep, a good selection of replys to your post! seems we are all very simalar when it comes down to hot n cold x

  • Woolly jumper and big cardi yesterday! Husband in tee shirt asks me if I am feeling cold ...

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