A health unlocked get together weekend?

A health unlocked get together weekend?

Hi everyone,

Just thinking, and it might not work, but how nice it would be if we could all of us, from all over the country, meet up for a weekend?

We part own and my husband operates, a hotel here in the Lake District.

( lindeth-howe.co.uk)

If I really sweet talk him, he might offer a massive discount say - £80 per night B&B / room - one or two people ( usually £199 upwards we can't put everyone up for free obviously ) but if we go for say a really quiet time , end November or beginning of December, a nice pre Chrsitams treat, it would probably be ok.

We also have an award winning tour company called Mountain Goat and I know he'd be happy for us to have a day out. The buses hold 16 people.

I'm not trying to boost the coffers, but am well aware that some of you live miles away - a weekend - Friday and Saturday - with or without families, would make it worthwhile.

Yes, it would cost, but honestly I think that the benefits we'd all reap would be worth it, and it would be great to meet everyone!

If trains prove a bit pricey, what about car sharing ?

Anyway, just a thought.




Photo to encourage you all to visit this gorgeous part of the world and is of family friend and me by the way, husband behind camera!

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  • I would love that and would attend x

  • Thanks Karen! My first response! And positive too - brilliant!


  • Sounds like a good idea if Hubby can get away from work x

  • Lovely idea!

  • Louise you are a joy !! What a nice idea ..we could chat to our hearts content .Eat together and compare our stories and lifestyles ,sounds good to me ..I hope it takes off ..love twinkly. X

  • Could you and Bob escape, Violet? It would be great! Some lovely sights, bit of wonderful walking........super company and lots of laughs.

    How about you Maz?


  • It sounds lovely Louise, I will let you know if I/we can make it, though as you know we do have Bart to consider. Maz (for those of you wondering, Bart is our dog)

  • Hi Maz,

    Three really nice dog friendly rooms! No pressure though, just an idea.


  • A long way for me from Devon Louise. But I have never been to the lakes and would love to come if at all possible. I would love to meet you, you were such an inspiration to me when you first became my buddy. I'm off to Rome early November for a few days, so after that would be ok for me. I would probably need a single room as well. ( I don't like to inflict my sleeping habits on anyone else) Ha Ha!

    Love to all

    Judy x

  • Hi Judy,

    Well we'd love to see you here!

    There are a few singles - although we wouldn't expect you to share a double anyway.

    I know it's a real trek though - there are a few folk in Devon so you might be able to share?

    Anyway, we'll see how many positives there are. We could always look at next year......


  • Crackin' idea Grommit....... You can hardly get a room for 8 quid a night here in Blackpool never mind the blooming Lake District for goodness sake. I don't mind sharing. I'm a very flexible kind of guy - blondes. brunettes, mousey, or reds, the worlds my oyster. .

    On a serious note my friend I applaud your suggestion and would love to give it a whirl. . Please keep us posted and if I can't attend at the time I will pay the full 1.99 but I want a ruddy good breakfast for that as it will decimate my savings. . . Lots of love to you JR x

  • Oh JR - you do start my day with a laugh! Thank you.x

  • You are a first class clot, how you make me chortle.

    If I could swing 8 quid a night I would! Think the old boy would have a heart attack.....will do my best to track down a blond for you - are you fussy about age? My 93 year old mater is still a go-er. Well, in the kitchen, not so sure about anywhere else.....x

  • You two are a hoot. How lovely to start the day with a laugh!

    I'm thinking Louise as it's such a long way for me, maybe next year during the spring I could make a holiday of it, drive up and stop half way for a night. After a five hour + drive in one day I'd just about manage to walk down the stairs for breakfast never mind a walk around the lakes. I've googled your mountain goat tours - looks fab!

    And, how lovely that I don't have to explain to anyone why I have to pace myself and not take on more than I can handle, as we all understand.


  • Absolutely!

    We could always make it next year. I do understand re the driving thing, 3 hours is my max before I collapse in a steaming heap.

    Not convenient as our elder daughter lives near Cambridge....

    If you could find someone to travel with Judy - even a friend - you could put her on your insurance and share the driving?

    I did that last time I went to Berkshire, it was about £25 I think.

    I think coming up with a mutually suitable date would be the problem.

    I'm happy to do an evening meal here at the house for everyone which would cut down on the cost......


  • Well Louise I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted but as I look for the good in most things I will accept as a compliment. . And re your mater methinks you are outwitting me at my own game as I found it very amusing and I will say I don't mind vintage coz there still be many a good tune played upon an aud fiddle and your dear mater can russle my cooked brekky up. . I wouldn't insult you trying to blag a room for 8quid I know you have to pay for quality. . Cheers for now JRx

  • I would love to come. We are away 7-12th November so after that would be great.

    Karen x

  • Great thanks Karen.

  • Louise it sounds a wonderful idea, it's just so good to talk to others who understand. I thought you talk last Friday was truly inspiring.

    My husband and I would be up for it, around November time.

    I am not so good on hills, slopes or steps at the moment I get so breathless, have to stop then I can carry on.Due to blood count of 8.1 to 8.5 so i have to have blood transfusions at the moment.. But fine on flat bits😊

    Would it be possible to bring along a small dog can he be accomadated ? How many rooms to you have? I expect their are places nearby that we can stay at too.

  • Hi Darcey,

    Great! We have two really nice dog friendly rooms, ground floor, access to the outside from the bedroom - dogs not allowed in the hotel I'm afraid ( I did fight for that because we have a small pooch too!)

    Just in case everyone has the wrong idea, I wasn't suggesting anyone shared......but the rooms would be about £80 a night whether shared or not.


  • Sounds fab are there wheelchair facilities great idea

  • Hi Shelly

    Apologies for delayed reply, this site is driving me mad - I have to log in every time, it never seems to recognise my password so I then have to change it, and now have to look up the password as I've had so many! Grrrr.

    Yes we have wheelchair facilities in nice ground floor rooms.

    Not sure how many folk we have interested now, I think I'll renew the post in a week or two, it's difficult to keep track ........


  • I would love to come along ...Louise you are a star. It would be a wonderful way of getting together . A big task for you to organise . So will await further posts.Sandy x

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