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MPN Voice February Fundraising Update

Well 2015 has really got off to a fantastic start! We’ve had a wonderful response from the MPN Voice Community with lots of requests for Fundraising Packs. From some of the emails we have had there are going to be lots of MPN Voice Community coffee mornings and tea parties, cake bake-offs, fetes and raffles, walks with friends, pamper parties, and a sponsored silence, as well as some amazing challenges!!

Let me tell you about two events that are happening in the next few weeks.

Happy Birthday Chloe

Yes Chloe is celebrating a very special birthday on 21st February. Chloe is going to be celebrating her 40th birthday with a big party for family and friends, but instead of birthday gifts, Chloe has asked that her friends and family go to her Just Giving Page and give donations for MPN Voice as a way of saying thank you, ‘for the invaluable support and advice it offers’.

If you would like to say ‘Happy Birthday to Chloe’ and give a donation, please go to Chloe’s Just Giving Page at

David Brailsford’s Cycle and Triathlon Challenge 2015

A few years ago David was diagnosed with ET, so as part of his ‘stay fit’ campaign he has set himself a massive challenge and is undertaking to cycle 1,234 miles during 2015 in various cycling events. Oh yes, and he thought he would add in a few triathlons as well!! His schedule looks amazing.

David is going to be keeping us up-to-date with how his challenge is going. He is using a blog for publicity and awareness, including a section telling friends and colleagues all about our MPNs and MPN Voice. Here is a taste of David’s first blog!

“On Sunday 15th February, when some of you may be suffering from a post Valentine hangover, I will be getting up at the crack of sparrow and peddling frantically around the countryside surrounding Gatwick airport. This first ride is a mere 45 miles of off-road mud and fluff so should be like the proverbial walk in the park, however, I am still suffering from the post-Christmas excesses and when this is added to the lack of meaningful training due to the extended hours of darkness (the bats in the Cambridge countryside are monstrous things and scare me witless) mean that fundamentally I am not ready for this first one. The show must go on though, so, with a mixture of blind foolishness and misplaced courage, I’ll be there on the start line with the best of them and no doubt be considerably further behind the best of them when they are crossing the finish line, in fact I’m thinking the best of them will probably be sipping on their cocoa with their favourite pair of slippers on as I gasp and wheeze my way over the finish line to wake the marshal up so I can sign in as having finished.”

David’s first event is on 15th February, The Gatwick Cyclocross (off-road).

March and April are triathlons, June and July off-road and road cycling and September and October, well just another two triathlons!!

I am exhausted just thinking about it!! If you would like to support David please go to his Just Giving Page at

2015 sees MPN Voice continuing to fund groundbreaking research with the next phase of the MOSAICC Epidemiology Study We want to know the answers to so many questions and ultimately we want that cure.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and all the fundraising that is going on in 2015. Don’t forget that fundraising isn’t just about raising money, fundraising also raises awareness and understanding of our rare blood cancers. To request a Fundraising Pack please email

A Big Thank You

From all the Fundraising Team

2 Replies

Hi Maz, sorry this has nothing to do with fundraising but I didn't know how else to get in touch with you otherwise. I have a question re other MPNers. How do you correspond with someone privately without giving out email addresses over the forum. I know you did explain this before but I can't find the info. Thanks for your help and BTW you do a great job. This site is just so helpful and informative for all us out there.


Hi Jamieisabella, you need to do this via a private message, if you go to the top of the page, on the drop down menu, where you go to log out, you will see an envelope icon with Messages next to it, click on there, you then click on the compose button, put in the user name of the person you want to message and then type your message and send, you can include more than one person in a private message, and if you just want to ask a general question you just need to click on the Write a post button. Hope that helps. Maz


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