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I have booked a date for Cambridge get together at scotsdales garden centre on October 22 nd ,,please let maz know if you need directions ,x

I spoke to Mary .iv booked the date ,do please come if you can ..myself. Bob. Gill will be there from eleven o'clock on that Wednesday .morning .the centre is open till 4 o'clock .

It's free ,refreshments and drinks ,,you are all so welcome friends and family too.lets meet up and chat together ,, Twinkly. Xxx

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What a fabulous idea! Shame it's so far away :-( Hope you all have a fabulous time!


The venue details are: The David Rayner Building, The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre at Scotsdales Garden Centre, 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JT you can find more details about the centre by following this link ...


Hi twinkly

I am trying to get the day off work, I found last time very good, and useful to talk to people. The venue was very good, and created a nice amount of comfy space.

I found it useful as a partner of someone who has et, it was nice to have the opportunity to talk about feelings and emotions, something that I'd not done before really, but recognize that I need to, to continue to be the support.

Thanks and see you there x


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