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Thank you all

Hi to everyone that posted regarding my rut, thank you all so much, it's so good to feel you are not alone, when these days hit us, I made my self busy by making bracelets for breast cancer all cancers and mpns, to sell at my coffee morning, I tired myself out quickly but wanted to get positive. Days like that hit us all , I will be positive and do something to help these days go away, this heat doesn't help getting hot and itching and feeling unwell but hey that's what anybody with a condition goes through, I'm very grateful for all your replays thank you all once again, it's people like you that pass on strength to us all when these days come. Thank you for all being there it's such a warm feeling knowing you guys are here.


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Well done you ..once you get that ol pizzazz back then there's no stopping you ,,just remember ,how special you are ,, twinkly x


Nice to see you more positive...just keep on truckin....that's all we can do! If you need a boost or a chat...just post and you can be sure we'll all come to your aid.....nice to keep in touch and know others are there ain't it !


Hi Purplelisa - Here Here, I agree totally with you that the support on offer from the peops on the forum and reading some of their experiences can lift you at times when you need it most and even at times when you think you don't. Keep positive and take care. Cheers x


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