Thanks to all of you!

Some weeks ago I posted how scared I was about having a bone marrow biopsy and asked for support - you came in your tens to encourage me. This is to say thank you for your uplifting comments as my biopsy was done yesterday and I believe every one of your heartfelt words made a difference. How true the fear being worse than the actual! Only thing is, my hospital did not offer me a cup of tea afterwards so I went for an ice cream instead! To anyone facing one of these - it's really OK, truly is.

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  • Hi Linds, so pleased to hear that everything went ok for you yesterday. Good for you having an ice cream, you deserved it. Maz x

  • I thought the gas and air they gave me was the best thing about it when I had one!! Hope you had a flake in the ice cream as well. Good luck with the results from it.

  • I had a aspiration a few weeks ago, the docs weren't pretifying the proceedure that needed doing. In actual fact I think my heams words were 'I'm not going to lie, it really isn't very nice' lol.....they did the proceedure about 3 hours later, not giving me time to think about things. That was the best was really, for me at least. I would have stressed far too much. As it was I had seen a YouTube video of what they would do, I think that helped me, I am one of those people that need to know whats going to happen.....Well done to you, because no it's not nice, I think back at it now and its not such a horrid memory at the time I was all alone and totally overwhelmed with what was going on.....

    You enjoy your ice cream, it is more than well deserved.

    All the best to you,


  • Oh Chelle, the aspiration does not sound a great experience. Glad you sound philosophical about these things and thanks for thinking of me yet again.

  • Hi linds, Glad you have had your bmb and it wasn't so bad as you thought it would be. Good luck with the results. England must be enjoying a bit of summer for you to have enjoyed an ice cream! Take care

  • Hi Linds,

    Great it's over and done with. Sorry there was no cup of tea at your hospital - but I'll bet the ice cream was the best one ever. Take care and keep well.


  • Hi Linds

    Ice cream is better than a cup of tea, as someone else said you deserved it and hope you had a load of sauce of a flake on it!! Kind regards

    Aime x

  • Hello Aime, thanks for your note. I get the results on Tuesday and like all of us am hoping for good news. How are you these days? Are you coping with the new job and the journey a little better because I remember reading you were very tired at times.

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