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Anyone used Fruitflow as natural alternative to aspirin ?

Have been looking into natural/alternative ways to control platelets and came across Fruitflow which derives from tomato seeds. It says that it works to reduce stickiness of platelets, like aspirin. Apparently it has been agreed by the European Food Standards Agency. I also read that Gingko Biloba may help stop blood clots forming. Just wondered if anyone knew anymore about these supplements.

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That's interesting. Wonder if it would apply to heart patients who have to take asprin... I take Ginsing everyday, although I didn't know it might reduce the chance of a DVT..I take it to try and combat the fatigue that plagues most of us MPD patients. I must say, imagination it may be, but I do feel a tad more energetic. Anne.


Whoops made a mistake! It's not Ginseng but Ginkgo biloba ! It says in the book I have that may help stop blood clots forming and may increase blood flow. Also may help mental function.


No I had never heard of Fruitflow but I will now see where I might get it, I am very interested in anything natural/alternative thank you for sharing I live in Australia and have not come across it anywhere. I will also add Ginseng to my daily routine. :-)


Made a mistake - not Ginseng but Ginkgo biloba. Sorry!


Please do your own research about these supplements as well as I am not a doctor and haven't spoken to a consultant about them yet either! If you google Fruitflow you will find out more hopefully. Having read up about supplements I am also aware that if on blood thinning medication you need to be careful about taking other stuff, however aspirin doesn't appear to come under 'anticoagulant' label. Hope this helps.


Morning all bit grey and overcast outside,,but snug as a bug indoors ,just received my heating supplement ,I need it ,with blue toes ,and pins n needles in my fingers .to cheer the moods a hot soapy bubble bath ,accompanied by soft music is my recommendation ,followed by strawberries and honey ,


Think you may have replied on the wrong thread as not sure how it relates to the questioned I asked !


I use fruitflow but also take aspirin as they act differently as far as I understand, be careful before stopping aspirin, best check with expert haemo. the fruitflow MAY be making me less dizzy etc


Thanks for your reply. That's really interesting to hear you are taking it. I was going to ask about continuing with aspirin. I am sure I read it acts differently to aspirin too. Are you on any other meds ? Have you noticed any other change in symptoms? Was your haem ok about you taking it ? Sorry for all the questions but good to hear your side of it.


I did not ask haem as they usually discount any supplements or alternative medicine as a waste of time/money. I may feel better on it but hard to say as my symptoms seem to cycle for no obvious reason, I think I MIGHT be less dizzy as previously mentioned, no other meds but lots of supplements and recently started green juicing


I've not heard of ginkgo biloba, im curious now, im only on aspirin and venasections but have considered taking something natural in hope it will help my digestive system a bit better.

Has it been helping you in that way Ruby?

I also keep how many greens I eat (including lettuce) because its high in vitamin k, which is what our body needs to allow our platelets to stick but I do find it hard because I love my food too much.

By trade I used to be a chef before I worked as a carer (it goes down well)

I hope all goes well with it.



I haven't started taking anything yet Geoff, just researching what might help that isn't a horrible chemical !

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I have copied a link about Ginkgo nutritionexpert.healthspan....


Ooo thank you I'll read that later :)


I have been trying White Willow Bark Extract, as aspirin originates from willow, after all. I particularly don't like the formula of look at what it contains! Tinkerbell

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I think another trip to Holland & Barrett is in order.. I did get hold of the ISBN number for the book they use as reference. . But I lost it.. it might be on my pc.. but im goona ask for it again a worthy Christmas present :-)


Have just read that you can buy a fruit juice made by Sirco which has this Fruitflow extract in it. Off to Waitrose in the morning to see what I can get.

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waitrose sell it but its full of sugar



Please find below a list of some products with Fruitflow.

1/ SIRCO fruit juice UK

2/ SWANSONS capsules

3/ Bloodfruit syrup USA

4/Biocol Flow ampules

5/Flyhidrate New Zealand

6/ Thromboflow

7/ Langers Tomato Juice plus Fruitflow L&A TomatoJuice

8/ Wellness Shot

9/ OptiFlow

OptiFlow FF2 capsules


11/Red Beet Vinitrox

12/Circulease FF2 capsules May 2013

13/ Tomaflow

14/ Thrombalance

15/ Thrombophenol ff2

16/ Liqui Blut FF1

17/ Freestream

18/Dr. Jacobs - Mediterranean Pomegranate Elixir FF1

and a slightly different product



I'd be interested in your search for Sirco

I've not been able to find any since last year

I contacted company and they said they'd taken off market and were going to bring it back in a different formulation

Heard or seen nothing of it since

I'm convinced of it helping me after my AF induced stroke I had .

Please let me know if you find any...


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