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Great - another royal baby!!

We had finally got all the baby news put the way with Kate and Wills, now we get round 2 - Harry and Megan. Plastered all over the news, daytime telly and every magazine. Theres no escaping. Everyone is so thrilled for them and I don't know how to feel that. I just think wow, they only married 5 months ago. It took them no time to conceive. How unfair. It's not like she's even that young. And so on, why do they never have problems?! 😔

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I think we all felt like that. I walked into my staff room and saw it written all over the board. It really annoyed me. It had nothing to do with work but someone thought it was a good idea to write it up. x


Hello, I know I think exactly the same as you. I am happy for them but don't need it in my face for the next 9 + months. Do you find that the media only focuses on infertility, if the couple had a child in the end? I have never seen an interview with a couple that were infertile and had to cope with it. Have you?


Thanks for your reply x

Exactly - they always get a 'Happy ever after' story where they conceived naturally after failed ivf or something. It's never the hard road through grief, failed marriages and trying to reinvisage a life that you had imagined for decades.

I sometimes think I'm getting my head round it but then it smacks me in the face again.

I keep realising how many friendships that we've lost along the way because we couldn't cope with seeing people or sharing our problem. The group just gets smaller as we don't know who we can trust to understand and relate to us.

So very sad that unfortunately other people's joy creates an on going upset for me. I try to hide it as I don't want to be a negative person to be with but it's exhausting some days.



Hello my lovely, I always ask my friends to treat me the same. I have to listen to there children stories, which a lot of the time I don't mind as they have amazing children. (They are all the brainiest????Most talented???) It is the only way that I stop myself from feeling more excluded from life. We are different. I do not think in the same way as most people. Most of the way my brain works is a result of having a life without children. The media is so focused on family's, that I can not help feeling an outsider on life at times. I love being on holiday as it is the only time I really feel normal. (we generally go to adult only hotels) Generally I do not let the media win. I embrace my oddness!!!

I understand that sometimes you have to be happy for people through gritted teeth. sometimes its just hard having to put a like on a FB post. but then.... I have the couch to myself every night, I do not have to get up at 6.30 in the morning to get someone else ready. We go the the pub/ out for meals or shop whenever we want. I love my compensations what are yours? x


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