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Help for men

So I was recently told about a closed Facebook site for men going through the painful struggle of infertility. Despite looking for help for my other half I had never come across this before....so thought it was worth sharing here.


The male only members are at various stages of fertility or have made the decision to stop trying for a family.

Hopefully by sharing this it will help other peoples partners.


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Thank you I'm not in FB but will look up. More resources for men needed!


There is such little help out for men and yet infertility affects them just as much. They are often ignored in medical consultations, with the woman being the main focus. It is often the men that silently carry the weight of infertility and miscarriage as they try to support their partner through it. And it astonishes me there is still such little out there. So very grateful there is a closed Facebook site for men only, but it's definitely not enough out there and I'm aware that Facebook is often a difficult place to go on as well. X

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This is cool. I agree not enough out there for men.

I did a webinar for Fertility Network UK on how to support the men,

and one sharing my experience as a man:

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