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walk in our shoes

I wanted to share a story from the web site 'walk in our shoes' that Cat kindly emailed about. The stories on this site are varied, heartbreaking and helpful. This one is so eloquently written and describes in words what my heart so often feels. The web site offers a great opportunity to share your story too ....

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So pleased you found this site interesting, thank you for sharing here too :)


A very heartfelt story, which brought me to tears this morning.

It's so reassuring to know that what we are feeling is normal.

Today, yet another friend posted 'baby bump' photos on Facebook. This time it was a friend that has been through IVF the same time as me and knows the heartache it causes. I really thought I could rely on her not to post pictures. I don't begrudge her happiness, but it's a kick in the stomach all the same :-(

Stay strong ladies x


Hi Stacey,

Sorry to hear about the insensitivity of your friend. I know how hard this is. Big hugs to you.

The story on the blog resonated so much with me. The words , 'there is an awful guttural pull. The heart sinking plummet and the butterflies of fear' exactly explains the physical sensation my body goes through with pregnancy news, scans and photos occur. The physical, phycological and emotional pain we go through is explained so eloquently in those words. And we need to understand that it's ok to feel this pain, even if others are insensitive to it. Xxxx


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