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I'm new here :) and from Fife, Scotland.


Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm 32 and from Fife and had a total hysterectomy in December 2014 after multiple miscarriages (8 in total), and years of Endometriosis. Then there was the adjustment period of being on HRT and going through early menopause too. So now, after being diagnosed with anxiety, juggling being a carer for my father and trying to study for a degree, I am finally looking to the future and feel ready to start connecting with others who have similar circumstances.

That's basically my story in a few lines. So hello again and speak to you soon xx

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Hi there and welcome to the forum. I had a total hysterectomy in 2011 after suffering excruciating pain each month with my periods has I had fibroids and polycystic ovaries which both caused the pains I was 39 then, we had been trying for a family for years anyway I had to make the decision to have the surgery which was a priority has it was affecting my health and nearly caused me to lose my job in the NHS"the caring profession" then I went on HRT so I understand all about that. You seem to have had a rough time though with going through all those miscarriages I never got pregnant but it must have been a distressing. time for you. Where do you live? I live in North Manchester and am a regional member contact for that area take care Laura

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Urgh don't get me started on the NHS! A whole other story. You have been through the mill and no doubt have the eperience of banging your head off a brick wall too. I live near Cupar in Fife, used to stay in Lancs near Blackpool so not for from your neck of the woods :) x

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I know I didn't get any sympathy was a really emotional time. When you said you were from Scotland I thought you had moved nearer.

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Aw nearer to Manchester? x

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Welcome. It sounds like you have found ways to cope.

I'm about to return to studying for a Master's degree after having a leave of absence whilst going through ICSI and deciding to cease treatment after 3 BFNs and 2 mcs through natural conceptions.

I'm finding it difficult to accept I won't get to be a mum but the Skype talk on coping strategies on Wednesday helped me realise my feelings are normal.

I missed the Skype talk. Were there any coping strategies mentioned that you thought would be useful that you could share?

pm27 in reply to Sleepy7

Have a look for lesleypyne.CO.UK

She led the chat and suggested keeping a journal, gratitude practise, self compassion and a couple of books. "The next happy" and "Striving and Thriving when motherhood diesn't happen".

Thank you :)

Hi there.... I had a total hysterectomy and ovaries removed in 2013, age 60, due to repeated smears showing high risk HPV so my situation is rather different from yours. But I want to wish you a good outcome and better health for the future. It took 2 yrs to feel really comfortably well again, but now I'm ok apart from the odd dragging feeling when I overdo things eg Pilate's or yoga for too long. Keep positive!

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