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A little bit of nothing is a bit of something

A little bit of nothing is a bit of something

I never imagined that children would not be a feature in mine and my husbands life. However I think we jinxed ourselves. As teenagers we had both said that we were going to adopt as there were loads of children out there that needed loving homes and families that would cherish them each and every day. Fertility tried and failed, adoption process, again tried but rejected, I'm wheelchair bound so obviously I can't possibly be a parent. We even tried Fostering but received a big fat NO there also. Nieces, nephews and furbabies are our children now. We still feel the pain of being childless, some days are better than others. Mother & Father's Day are particularly emotionally draining, but we have each other and that is what really matters. We made it through and we are still together.

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Thank you ever so much for such a positive read. Just what I needed ☺

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that we have been happy together for the past 7 years, so actually we'll be OK & we'll be able to get through this.

I'm really sorry for your negative experiences. I believe that everyone should be treated as an individual especially in such life changing decisions.

I wish you all the best x


Thank you 😊. I'm not saying it's been easy, it's been really tough. There are still days when I look at my husband and think to myself- what am I still doing here, but those days are only on my darkest days. There are bright shiny days too. All the best to you and your husband. Take care.


Hi sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time it's not easy we didn't go through IVF I had a hysterectomy after years of suffering with painful periods. But we make the most of a good life going on holiday,nights out.Take care 😊


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