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Migraine with technicolour aura

Hello, I am new to this site and was inspired to join after reading other people's posts and advice.

Having suffered severe migraine for over 20 years, yesterday I experienced the aura in technicolour this has never happened to me before, it has always been in black and white. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know if it is normal?


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as a teenager my aura was brilliantly coloured zig-zags, but I have lost this useful tool for getting my meds quickly--I also used to lose the sight in the middle of my visual field but this has also gone---I assume mine have changed as I now get menstrual migraine and the occasional "one off" which is indicated by black and white--very, very subtle--flickers at the edge of my vision....I do not know if it is normal to change so dramatically for you and it will be interesting to read other posts on this.


My zigzags are very brightly coloured I think it's normal (if that's the right word for any migraine symptoms) If you go to You Tube and look under `migraine aura' you will find a number of simulations, most of which are in technicolour. I find it difficult to watch these as they make me feel sick!


Hi there,

I've had migraines for over 30 years and I am always getting new auras, but more so since my 30s. I have experienced black and white auras and visual zig zags in colour form as well as black/white. It is disconcerting if you are used to one particular aura pattern and it changes, but it seems these changes and new auras do not indicate anything is worsening, it's just another facet in the complicated world of migraine.


It's usually bright blue flashes of light like you get on an ambulance or fire engine (and people seem to have Christmas lights like them now, which really freak me out). Sometimes they are brilliant white, and once neon pink. I've also had one when reading and the bright blue seemed to back-light the letters on the page - which became 3D for a moment.


Hello there.

A recent one I have noticed is just a wavy line across my field of vision or a flickering at the top of my vision as opposed to the tunnel vision I usually get.


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