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Migraine with aura

Hi there, i have just been told by my nurologist that i have Migraine with aura! Now to be fair i dont think of my headaches as migraines because i dont think there that servere (in my case) but i do suffer with "stroke" like affects that can lasts for days and have left me in hospital for a while, i was wondering if anyone else has these attacks, how they deal with it and do they ever go away? Thankyou.

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HI there, please make sure your doctor tests you for Hughes Syndrome/APS, otherwise known as Antiphopholipid Syndrome, or Sticky Blood, do please take the test forms to the hospital as the samples taken are time sensitive. Often other family members will have other autoimmune diseases including Thyroid problems or miscarriages etc.


It is best to rule it out! If you do have this syndrome, we have a forum on this same platform, but do also stay on this excellent charity's forum.

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Thank you for your fast reply, I have had umpteen blood tests as well as CT's and MRI's all of which have come back clear. I only came out of hospital last night after having another attack! That's when the doc told me about it as I have had 3 big ones since July, when they happen I get paralysis down my right side, slurred speech, confusion, dizziness and my right hand constantly shakes, it's very scary for me and my family.

Thank you again.


You need to check that they have done all three of those tests, as if they are not looking for it they will not have done so. Here is a short film:

I am on Aspirin and other things daily, some patients are on anticoagulants. If you do have this, having a diagnosis and the correct medication is much better.




I seem to be similar but with variations. For the last 11 months I have the worst migraines with aura I have ever experienced.

I get intense migraines.

I do get hand tremors (but not always).

I get a strong, sharp burning pain (inside my head's on fire).

I experiences numbness & tingling in both hands.

I often feel my head will explode.

I've banged my head off the bathroom tiles (different pain).

So I have the severe migraines but mild 'stroke like' symptoms. The only thing I've not had is the slurred speech. The symptoms can last for days.

My telling you this will hopefully let you know you're not alone, but I think you've got it worse than me.

Hope the docs can find a way to help you. Good luck & if you need a moan, this site is useful for that.



I've had attacks similar to this but I also get the severe headache along with it. For days afterwards I feel lethargic and weak, and I get pain around my eyes. A couple of weeks ago I nearly passed out and came over all hot and clammy with a migraine, and on Wednesday this week I had pain throughout my entire head but no migraine as such. It is horrible and mine went away for 5 years until earlier this year, but unfortunately I don't know how to deal with them. GP has put me on amitriptyline to try and prevent them


I have in the past had the side effects without the headache, at first I thought I had had a stroke !!! only happens very rarely now, but I do have headaches :)


Thanks for all your replies 😀 I went to my GP today and I am having a blood test done next week to test for Hughes. I had another 'funny turn' today when my right side went weak it seems to be happening more frequently but luckily ( I say luckily) only a couple have landed me in hospital, I am just at a loss because all of my tests and scans come back clear so I am beginning to think the docs are thinking I'm making it all up! And I'm really not. 😞


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