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Migraine with aura ?


15 minutes after drinking coffee, my right eye started to get blurry. I had that feeling like everything was blurry and I was unsure about doing things. Suddenly, I couldn't talk properly for 5-10 minutes. It felt like I was very stressed and my throat was narrow. I could properly think about every word but instead of coffee I would say toffee. My right hand went numb for about 2 minutes, but I could do everything with it. Few moments after my teeth were also numb for a minute or two. After that I laid on my bed and everything was normal. I had a small headache after that and the day after.

Had something similar 10 months ago.

EEG, TCD, CDFI, MRI scans and ophthalmologist test are alright.

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You had a migraine aura. Don't drink coffee!

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Are you sure ?

The first time I had all the same symptoms (numbness in hand, couldn't talk properly..) but without aura. However, I had a greater headache that time than the second time when a "discountinous rainbow" was flickering in front my eyes for 15 minutes.

That are the only two times I had something similar.

Caffeine is a stimulant and makes me little jittery and headachy. I’ve stopped drinking it ‘again’ and had a real bad two days, wondering whether it was a cold turkey effect. I love a cup of coffee but seems like it’s another tick off the list 😩

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That happened 5 months ago and I wasn't drinking coffee for 10 days (I slept approximately 12 hours a day), but after that I stared to drink it ~ once a day and nothing has happened in that period.

Hello there, I have migraine aura as well and everything you explained is what I go thru. Pretty scary huh? I had to give up coffee because that is a trigger for me. I miss my cup of joe in the morning but I don’t miss what it does to me:/ I also have them sometimes even without coffee. I use a baby aspirin every other day as a propolaxhis (spelling?) and that has seemed to really help.

It was so scary the first time..

I had it only 2 times, but I feel you.

If you realized after having coffee makes a lot of sense that it was a migraine with aura many people including myself have caffeine as a big migraine trigger they suck! If you’re not having chronic headaches the answer is simple cut out caffeine in all forms energy drinks coffee coke Mountain Dew Pepsi chocolate etc!

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