Migraine associated to Aura

Have you ever experienced a sort of short lived visual impairment when some kind of flickering things as a lots of butterflies flying around your eyes and seeing half of the people`s face, unable to read a word in a book or to make sense for that word and then after having a blurred vision , hearing people`s voices as they are so far from you and feeling your arm numb and unable to make a clear speech ...It`s migraine with aura...linked to anxiety

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  • Hi, what you,re experiencing is an aura, it's quite common with migraine and you have it before the headache phase starts. It's a warning sign of what's coming next. I have them whenever I get migraine and wouldn't say they are caused by anxiety but know the symptoms are worsened by it ... Hope that helps

  • Thank you Julia,but after those sensations I have not headache, it become normal and is fading away

  • It's possible to get migraines without having the headache. I get both types, but for me the bad auras tend to produce a violent headache.

    I haven't found anything that helps to prevent the aura on its own, other then trying to avoid the triggers as best as possible.

  • Agree with Julia - get all sorts of aura- including the above list and more- constantly dropping things, spatial understanding goes, repeating actions, failing to recognise people or objects, etc. Theses bits and pieces of migraine symptoms are not always followed by the pain. It is migraine and can be as draining and debilitating as a 'proper' attack. For me it is not anxiety and stress related - got divorced, moved house, left job, - no problems! Day to day living - get these tag ends of migraine most days.

  • I've had some (apparent) success controlling my migraine with aura ( and all of the above symptoms) by taking 75mg of aspirin each day (Talk to your doctor before you try this!). I was having episodes every 2 to 3 months before I started. After I started taking the aspirin I didn't have an episode for 3 years. That recent episode was two aura's on the same day and the headache lasted 48 hours, was a few weeks ago so too soon to make any sensible conclusions as yet.

    Another thing that struck me while reading this article. It's called Migraine with Aura. Is it actually Migraine caused by Aura?. If the researchers could concentrate on figuring out what is triggering the aura then that might give us a clue as how to fix it. - Just a thought.

  • Hi Mr Kay, yes it seems a good idea , but I am allergic to aspirin and paracetamol, I can take only ibuprofen.Just yesterday i watched a video about Migraine with Aura and I will post soon because it reflects my symptoms and it seems that there is not a real solution is a chronic issue , but is nothing wrong with the brain

  • I have had migraines since I was 16 and am now 56. I've only had that happen 3 times. My neurologist told me that kind often happens after a high period of stress, which in my case it was. I generally start to see "flashing", I lose part of my vision i.e. I see peripherally but everything in the centre is gone, or I see weird things like someone's lips on their forehead. Generally I do not experience a painful migraine with this but it can be frightening if you don't know what is going on.

  • Hi,I agree with you ,It happens to me rarely now, but usually if I am stressed, over helmed or anxious

  • This week's auras have included : hallucinating smells (bandages, money & concrete, but not all at the same time), hallucinating tastes (fly spray), the floor feeling bouncy, the light becoming very bright yellow, wanting to cry for no reason, having a craving for Mars bars whilst feeling nauseas, not recognising my neighbour for an embarrassingly awkward moment, completely forgetting what I was trying to write at work for several minutes, and suffering severe nausea and visual disturbances whilst playing the piano (it was seeing the black & white keys moving that did it). All followed by cracking headaches. What a week it's been.

  • so sorry for you, i also can't stand smells and tastes and yawning all the time thats when i know the aura is on its way.its always in the background i have permanent light flashing and blue dots in my vision, i don't talk to anyone about it even my family don't understand what its like,it changes you life.

  • Thankfully Angel, since posting this 2 years ago my symptoms are mych better. I have a daily dose of atenolol which helps. The dark mornings we're getting now & the artificial lighting is making me feel a bit unwell but it's not like it used to be.

  • i am so happy for you, i wear dark lens i got from america for migraine they help somewhat, but i am still waiting in the fear of the next one. thank you for your reply stay in touch.and keep well.

  • Teadrinker , you`re including other symptoms which can be related to other things rather than Migraine with Aura.I never heard people mentioning your symptoms,have you talked with your GP about this issue?

  • Hi there - yes I get blurry eyes as though water is running over them. Very weird. I don't get it all the time, but it does happen. Sometimes I can smell things that nobody else can smell, usually medical gauze, burnt toffee or a soapy smell. With the butterflies thing - I can see how this could be linked to anxiety, as I usually see spiders or bugs running up the wall out the corner of my eye... freaks me out! I always look but there's almost never anything there. Thank you for this post as I never considered it before.

  • I am terrified about aura migraines since o had a seizure 20 years ago after a stroke. It has become a serious phobia. I try to meditate regularly and exercise - I eat well and avoid triggers but still I worry about having one even though I know they are simply an innocent neural discharge. They are frightening because of my anxiety and panic disorder.

  • Hello. I am 63. I had my first migraine with aura last week which began with broke mirror effect visual disturbances. Having had a stroke in the past I thought that it was another stroke. Very frightened, taken to emergency unit by ambulance. Numb hands arm and mouth. Could only speak with slurring. Disoriented. Unable to find words or think of any words at all when questioned.

    Terrified. Had a further five over 4 days. Consultant confirmed migraine with aura after mri.

    I suffered from migraine from 5 years. After starting on Atenonol in 1987 the migraines stopped. I have been unwell for about 6 weeks. High BP and diabetes. Following the aura symptoms I began a head ache, felt nauseous and needed to empty my bowels.

    Not sure what to do now. My medications have been overhauled by the consultant. Yet to see my GP.

    Any suggestions please?

  • I've had many headaches with auras including tunnel visions, nausea, near passing out, passing out, squeezing sensation on my head, tingly vision, blocking out of my vision in the middle like a big disc the color of neon flashing green, like a big green light ...if it gets really big I know I'll pass out...My neurologist said I had TIA, I've had several CT scans of head, no abnormality, I've had the CT of head and neck with contrast and timing, I have a CRT-D (heart device implant so I cant have MRI anymore...yet) but I was diagnosed with chronic migraine disorder in 2015 and I regularly take Topamax 2X a day and Relpax for breakout pain and I Botox injections every 3 months and take Cambia powder in water as needed and still pain relievers as needed too, and still there will be those aura days. And nausea. But not as much. I think it's good to go to a Neurologist who specializes in this. Good luck to all of you!

  • Hi there, i got this four years ago with my face hands numb, my speech is as if my brain can't cope its lasts for days, i first one i got i ended up in hospital, you should have scans done MRI, mine is from anxiety.its best to go with it don't fight it and it will pass i used to panic now its not as bad but still there.

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