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Hi. I have had migraines since a child. As I age they got more frequent. I have tried everything. I am 60 and am now getting them daily. They are debilitating. After taking my triptan and a strong painkiller (the only thing that seems to work) I feel like a zombie for the rest of the day and need to sleep. Anyone else living this life of being in pain and in bed every day? This is not living. Help.

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Have you tried preventative medication? I assume you have, since you have been living with migraines for so long. Don’t know if you are a woman or a man, but I am a woman and when I turned 50, my hormones started going wild... And for an entire month, I was taking 1800 mg of Advil per day... Had to stop , as it stopped working! I had DAILY Migraines as well from then on. I was in tears in my doctor’s office. I had to be in bed almost all day with ice all around my head. So nauseated, I lived on Ensure and soda crackers. I lost 10 pounds or around 5 kilos in 2 months. I live in Canada and an American friend told me to try Excedrin Migraines because it had worked for her. We don’t have it in Canada, so she sent me some. It is a mix of: aspirin, caffeine and Tylenol. You can only take 2 a day and as soon as you feel the migraine coming. If you take them when the migraine is already full blown it’s too late. It’s very hard on the stomach as it is not meant to be taken on a daily basis. My doctor prescribed something to protect my stomach while taking those. In the meantime , we tried different preventative meds.... After 2 months and 1/2 , we found something that worked for me. I take 20 mg. of propranolol in the morning and 10 mg. of amitriptyline in the evening. It took me about 3 weeks to get used to the amitriptyline, as I felt like a zombie in am at first. But after three weeks, my body had adjusted to it. I am a small person ( 52 kg~ 104 pounds), so I easily get side effects. People who weigh more than me might need a slightly stronger dose... You try and you see if it works. I did try each of those Ned’s separately but they did not work. The migraines only went away with the combination of the two meds.

My hormones are still wild 5 years later, so still have to wait and see if I can reduce and stop them.... Probably when menopause is over🤣🤣 -Neurologist thinks they might stop once menopause is over as I didn’t have them before🤞🙏

I couldn’t take Triptan meds- Tried them, but they are not meant to be taken daily and gave me bad chest pain- Had to stop them

- Got a Cefaly device too. It did not help with my migraines, as I had them all around my head and Cefaly doesn’t do anything for the back of your head... But once in a while ( like 4/5times a month- usually they are 4/5 days in a row when my hormones are fluctuating a lot , I get some very light migraine symptoms- sometimes I take Advil, sometimes I don’t need to... But those evening before I go to sleep, I use the Cefaly. I find it very helpful in those instances of very light symptoms. After using the Cefaly , they usually go away. I also use it when very stressed before going to 😴, as I find that it helps me relax, otherwise if I stay stressed, that also causes me to feel light migraine symptoms.

Have you thought about trying the new medication “Aimovig”? If I had not yet found something that worked for me, I would certainly want to give it a try. I believe it’s available almost in every country now, or it will be soon. It is no fun to live in constant pain. I had daily migraines for 4 months straight and it was hell!! Certainly understand your pain and hope you find something that works for you soon. There is hope, I haven’t had a migraine in 5 years now, since finding these two preventative meds that work for me! Hoping you find a cure soon!


Thank you. I am female and my migraines just kept getting more frequent after menopause. I have also tried propranolol but it did nothing. Tried amitriptyline but couldn’t get past the drowsy stage. I have tried other preventatives but so far nothing takes. I am extra sensitive to everything it seems so taking even half the lowest dose of a medication can cause me side affects. Thanks for the info on Aimovig. I live in Canada as well so not sure if it is available here yet. I appreciate the help and support. So glad for you that you are migraine free. 😃


I, too felt drowsy with the Amitriptyline, it took 3 weeks until I was free of feeling drowsy. I felt drowsy until 3:00 pm, but stick with it, as I wanted to see if it would work and it did. My doctor told me that my body more than likely had a slow metabolism, hence why I was feeling the side effects of drowsiness till mid-afternoon. She had me take it earlier , after dinner instead of before bedtime and it worked.

As for Aimovig, I read an article in Globe and Mail that said it was available in 🇨🇦! Good luck!!



I'm 64 and I've had migraines since the age of 26. I have also tried many things, drugs, prophylactics, changed my diet (no processed foods along with the usual list), acupuncture, chiropractor, and the list is endless after almost 40 years. I had my first Botox treatment at the end of August. I have a slight reduction, maybe 2 days a week without a migraine now, up from one day. I was told it would take at least three treatments (once a month) to know if it works. I see a neurologist who specializes in migraine. I am also Canadian and live in Edmonton. Good luck. Don't give up - there are some new drugs coming onto the market soon.

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Hi, and thanks for replying. I am considering trying the Botox route. I hope it continues to reduce the frequency of your migraines. We will try almost anything right? Thanks for your help and support. It’s people like you on this site they give me hope and keep moving forward.


Just starting menopause horror and migraines are definitely worse. Hot flashes at night cause them because overheating has always been an issue for me. Anyway, I just gave myself my first Aimovig injection. My doc got me two free injections (two months) through the free trial program. Wish me luck. I'll be sure to post results.


Good luck! Yes, please I’d like to hear how you are doing with it. Are you in Canada by any chance?


Hi there, I have been a migraineur for 45 years. I am female and now 62. At the absolute end of my tether one day, I did some research and came across Dr Josh Turknett's book "The Migraine Miracle". He is a qualified Neurologist and himself a migraineur (as is his wife!), so the man fully understands the suffering we all go through. Look, you have nothing to lose by trying this way of eating which is really uncomplicated. In short, it has given me back my life. For the first time, I now also understand how a migraine works. From DAILY migraines to about 3 or 4/month is in my book nothing short of a miracle! It has changed my life so radically, that at the age of 62 I am now studying to become a Health Coach. I CAN actually now study because I don't have to endure 24/7 pain any longer. Stuff trying other medication that will only make you more sick with other side effects. I do, however, fully and completely understand why people try everything under the sun. Been there, done that! But the ultimate goal is to beat your migraines without the help of synthetic, toxic medication. Should you try his book, please keep me posted on your progress. I started by skipping one day, then a couple days later two days and so on, and eventually I hit 18 consecutive migraine-free days. Miracle of miracles!!! I kept a daily record and still have it on my phone. Try it for yourself. I wish you all the best. Where there is a will, there is a way.


I would just like to add something: DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT underestimate your body's own ability to heal itself. We have been blessed with a-m-a-z-i-n-g bodies. Treat/feed it properly, give it half a chance, and you will stand amazed at what it can achieve! Be blessed.


Thank you so much. I will definitely take a look at the book. Glad you are doing so well! Feeling well certainly makes us happier and able to live a better life.


I had migraines 24/7 for over a year, Was referred to a neurologist who gave me some ville drugs which made the migraines worse and caused lots of side effects.

I read a book about Vitamin B12 and how lack of it can cause migraines. My bloods had been checked for B12. I was at low end of range but 'within range' so GP wasn't interested. I bought some sub lingual 5000 mcg B12 and dosed myself for a month. After 3 weeks they stopped and I haven't had another one since (14 months ago). After I'd finished the course of 5000 mcg, I took a month's course of 1000 mcg. I now 'top up' with 1 tablet a week. If I have a hint of a migraine, I take a B12 1000 mcg and it disappears.


Thank you for your thoughts. Good for you on be proactive and virtually migraine free!


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