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I had terrible ongoing migraines for months. I was treated at Guys in London. since they ask me to take per day: 400 mg of b2 otherwise called riboflavin ( all at once) + 300 mg of Magnesium chelated ( 100x 3 times a day) and co-enzime Q10 300 mg (100 x 3 times a day) all of them after my meals. I have now been taking them for years without any migraines. I only get B2 on prescription the rest I buy in the internet as NHS doesn't want to prescribe, but golly! no migraines!

I also happen to have fibromyalgia so I exercise steady and moderately and have noticed that the above medication have proved to keep me fibromyalgia free too.

I hope this helps someone!

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  • I take exactly these with one difference - mag glycinate 600mg a day, it's supposed to be the best one for migraine and fybro but I'm still having migraine 😔 been on these for over a yr but just changed to glycinate from citrate 2wks ago.

    Glad it's working for you 👍

  • yes, thanks, I meant 600mg of magnesium chelated a day (200 x 3 times). Do you take 'riboflavin' and 'co-enzyme q10' too? the combo of those three have been found to be very beneficial in an intensive and ongoing clinical test conducted by St Thomas and Guys, -and these hospital are of world 'excellency' when it comes to this subject.

  • Yeah 400 B2 altogether, CQ10 1x100 3 times, 600 mag glycinate - divided dose, Vit D spray ( neurology said vit D helps you to absorb mag ) zinc and 4 B12 sprays

    Been doing this a long time 😔

  • I am sorry to hear that. Obviously science is not perfect.

  • I'm so glad it's helping you 👍 different things for different people, I'll find mine eventually .

    Be well 💖

  • Hi

    Can I ask how bad your migraines were before you started on the vitb2 etc how many migraines a month and headache days? Did you have any crystal clear days?



  • I was years without a life, -now it feels so far away-. In particular I was months with migraine and had a little rest of a couple of days or so - not too good either- I was down and out . When I started to take the 3 types of supplements I was advised by my consultant to get out into the park and walk every single day, each day a few yards more, building up, moderately, because contact with nature and the act of walking are apparently natural healers. When my consultant told me I caught the drift, and even though at the beginning I was fatigued, isolated, weak and not at all in the mood, I took my 3 supplements and have been doing my moderate progressive walking in nature every day since. That was 3 years ago. Sometimes I have headaches, but NOT migraines.

  • Hasn't worked for me. I'm currently trying a different form of magnesium and my head feels a bit clearer, but still getting weekly migraine.

  • good luck! I would get out into the park and walk slowly and progressively too.

  • Thanks. No effect either, in fact migraines worsened to as bad as they could be during a time when I was fit and active and getting lots of fresh air. Don't mean to be negative, but...!

  • I take the chelated but it's very expensive and hard to get. Not all supplement companies sell it also take the Vit b2 but was told by my headache specialist to stop the CQ10?

  • Yes, I know it is expensive and not everyone does it, it is also the best. Watch out for offers and buy them in big quantities, your pocket will notice it!

  • I will definitely be trying this as I get 16 days of migraines each month with each attack lasting 4 days. The medication so far from gp hasn't worked and as I've got a lot of hospital specialists and appts anyway I'm reluctant to add another specialist into the mix. If this works then hopefully I can avoid another referral 😊

  • I hope it works for you! be positive and walk every day too even if you feel rubbished!

  • How many times a day did you take these tablets and can you buy them from the chemist.I had meningitis and I am left with headaches that I can't get out of bed it's a night mare. I have tried all sorts but they don't agree with me. I would appreciate iit if you can let me hat his information.I bet you feel great not having headaches I'm pleased for you .


  • 3 times a day like so after meals: 400 mg of riboflavin at night only, 100 mg co-enzime q10 x 3 times a day, 200mg magnesium x 3 times a day. I buy the magnesium and the co-enzime in the internet in bigger quantities too because it is cheaper like so. But I do it gladly!

  • Thank you for that I will try this and hope I have the same results as you will keep in touch kind Regards Jean 1251

  • It is a fact that some people benefit from taking those 3 supplements:

    1) Riboflavin 400mg (

    2) Magnesium 600 mg (

    3) Coenzyme Q10 150 mg (

    But I think how much Mg should be taken is a complex topic. If you are taking 600mg of magnesium capsule, depending on the type of it, there can be a small portion of elemental magnesium.

    Example: Magnesium citrate has 16% of elemental magnesium, so if you are taking 600mg Magnesium citrate capsule, you are in-taking 96mg of elemental magnesium. Then of course it depends how much body can absorb out of it.

    Chelated magnesium supplements are best but it has less amount of elemental magnesium as the bonding molecules are larger - but more Mg is absorbed by our body from Chelated form.

    Magnesium oxide is supposed to be the worst form but in 2012, as per research done by Schecter et al, it is claimed magnesium oxide is as good as others !

    So there are all sorts of information and definition and it can be very confusing.

    Dolovent capsule (need to take 4 capsules per day) has all of those 3 types but it is not only expensive, it has magnesium oxide which is 'junk' as per most nutritionist, but not by "Schecter et al". Dolovent will cost you approximately £37 per month (if taken 4 capsules per day which is the required dose, taking lower dose is pointless).

    You may buy these individually from Holland & Barrett - but always check the amount and dose - taking lesser dose than what is recommended is not supposed to be effective.

    I think NHS should take initiatives to make a perfect combination of these 3 types (B2, Mg and Q10) - but again, NHS does not even have money to give Meningitis B vaccine to all children - as per their expert knowledge: only babies born on or after May 1 2015 should receive Men B vaccination - that means, if a child was born on 30th April, 2015 then all of a sudden that child is free of risks and does not need Men B vaccination !

  • I get pots of Magnesium and Q10 from the supermarkets and they're not particularly expensive. However they don't seem to stock B2 so am probably going to have to pay more for these from somewhere like H&B.

    Am going to give this combination a go, though not holding out much hope, but anything is worth a try and at least it's a healthy option.

  • Have given up on all of these supplements. They weren't helping at all and I was just wasting my money. I gave them a good long time but in the end I realised it was pointless. The magnesium gave me the runs and the B2 made my urine bright yellow!! They didn't reduce my migraines one bit and I still needed to rely on my usual medication of Zolmatriptan and Naproxen. It's always worth trying something new in the hope of finding a cure but it's also worth knowing when it's time to give up.

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