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Antihistamine Migraines

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I have a hayfever/migraine query. Usual hayfever symptoms, runny nose, itchy eyes etc.

I have been reading that antihistamines are used to help migraines. I seem to have the opposite problem.

I have tried Loratidine and Citirize and both, whilst useful for the hayfever, seem to give me migraines with continuous use. I have always had migraines (ocular type) but they ramp up from 3 a month to 4-5 a week after a couple of weeks using anti-histamines. Can anyone suggest something else that won't cause this. I am yet to try Acrivastine. I worried it will cause the same problems.


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I take pizotifen, which is an antihistamine also used as a prophylactic migraine treatment. Maybe you should try and see if it kills two birds with one stone.

Another option would be to try 5mg Levocetirizine which causes less QT prolongation compared to other antihistamines, hence in theory - it should not cause headaches. However, with migraine - no one can be sure what would trigger and we all are different.

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Hi sorry to butt in lol is this a perscription med ? can you buy in a pharmacy ? many thx

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This is a POM. I've been trying to avoid going to the Dr about this, but may have to as I'm struggling so much with OTC Antihistamines.

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laddy3 in reply to sklitch

Thank You 😊

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I actually requested in my online repeat prescription as a custome medicine request - and I got the prescription for Levocetirizine without being seen by any doctor - you may try this too if there is a custom request section in your surgery-prescription fromat.

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laddy3 in reply to troy04

Cheers will do many thx 😊

Vitamin C , reduced sugar and reduced dairy may help hay fever

My son takes helps with his abdominal migraines.

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