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Continuous headache for 3 months with excessive blinking


Hello Everyone ,

Am 26 year old Male , having continuous headache past 3 months and there was no proper diagnosis , i went to the emergency care twice and to a neurologist once and all they say is use Ibuprofen or some kind of pain killer . Finally they ordered me a MRI for brain and neck next week ,am really nervous

Symptoms : Continuous head and blinking of eyes and head ache is around eyes and forehead

I have a little forgetfulness and sensitive to light and noise and since yesterday am having slight jaw ache . The doctor said the forgetfulness might be due to stress and he conducted some basic test on my memory which i scored maximum .

Am really worried and i really worked hard and got to this position in life where i felt everything is falling into place but seems like there might be something bigger coming after those tests and i have to suffer life long . If anyone faced the same problem please put your suggestions , i feel am really alone and all my happiness is gone my mind always going to cancer tumor and things like that . Please help . God bless everyone

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Hello - since you bike, have them check you for a CSF leak.

Does it get better when you are laying down?

My boyfriend has had the same head throbbing for 5 years. He had seen multiple doctors/neurologists. We went to another one last Wednesday and the doctor had him lay with his feet above his head for 10 minutes. It helped the pain go from a solid 5 to a 1. The doctor thinks it’s a CSF leak. He ordered a blood patch for him. Look it up.... He had a lot of the same symptoms.

Hope that helps!

I’m definitely not a doctor, but now that we have some idea of what it could be, we are super hopeful!!! It was becoming unbearable for my boyfriend. He had a hard time coming up with words, concentrating, and is always in pain. The blood patch is scheduled for next Wednesday. Good luck to you!

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