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Constant Headache for 10 weeks


I’m a 29-year-old man with no history of headaches. However 10 weeks ago I got a headache out of the blue, as I experienced it. It started around my temples but I did not pay it much attention. However after a week it developed painfully and it felt like two knives where driven in to the back of my head. I visited my GP who but it down to tension headache, said I hand no neurological symptoms and gave me naproxen for the pain with the instructions to se a physical therapist if the headache would not get better, after a few days I contacted a physio and we started acupuncture treatment.

However that was 9 weeks ago, my acupuncture has finished and I have not had a single “crystal clear” minute during this whole time.

When the headache was at it worst I would rate it to a be 7/10 it has now steadily gone down to be between 2 or 4/10. I have not eaten painkillers for the last 4 weeks, so that should not be the problem. Running really helps and gives me some relief each day, yoga has also given me temporary pain reduction.

6 weeks ago my first daughter was born, the different professionals iv been seeing said it was probably due to stress, however I have not felt stressed, and iv stayed home for 4 weeks after she was born.

The headache also has changed in characteristics to some degree, when it was at its worst it was located in the back of the head and shoot pain forward

to both sides and down the neck. Now its more just above my eyes and behind my ears.

Even though the pain has reduced I am feeling terrible and am struggling with each day.

For me it feels strange that it is a tension type headache sins I don’t have a history of them, also that I have not had a single break. However as is said i have no experience, I’m going back to see my doctors on tomorrow and I’m wondering what I should aske for.

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Hi 😁 congratulations a new baby😁

Is your jaw ok? Do you clench/grate your teeth.

I get two types of migraine but the ones i get from my jaw are just like your description. TMJD migraines.


Hey I have been thinking it might be my jaw. I’ve had more pain in my theeth when I eat, however that’s just recently. And it’s not “worse” in the morning. Not better eaither however.

My wife says I don’t grind my theeth, how do you know if you clench?


Well...as far as i was concerned i didn't clench or grind but woke every morning with horrific pain behind my eyes and the back of my head.

They kept treating these symptoms as migraine, over 4yrs I've had every treatment available for migraine, botox, DHE treatment, nerve blocks...the lot.

Was diagnosed with severe left TMJD, had op and they locked my jaw....long story but now today after loads of jaw treatments and expense, i find a couple of drops of CBD oil (5%) controls the pain.

Your dentist can diagnose TMJD.


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You could ask for all general standard blood tests and food allergies.

I have also been told my headaches are stress and I also don't feel stressed. I understand your frustration! Good luck.

Congratulations on your new baby!


Hi, have you tried a triptan like sumitripan? My first migraine lasted around a month with similar symptoms to you and the GP gave me nothing to help. Eventually I went into a pharmacy and they gave me sumatriptan which sorted it out almost immediately.


Ok thank you for your tip, I will look in to it. Just feels weird that a migraine can last for so long.


i Suffered almost daily headaches for the last 5years. I went for an allergy test at my local health food shop three weeks ago and was told what I had a reaction to. I have eliminated all foods suggested by the tester and it’s been fantastic since 4 mild headache days since having it done. I would never have thought it my headaches were caused by an allergic reaction


ok, cool i will look in to that :)


You may not think you are tense or stressed but it can affect each of us differently even if we think we are relaxed. Exercise is definitely a good stress reliever.


I went to a neurologist for my migraines headaches, I do know how you feel, here is what she suggested for my headaches: B2 400mg daily, Magnesium 400mg daily, Butterbur 75 mg twice a day, and Melatonin 3mg at night. Butterbur is hard to find in stores you have to get in online and B2 400mg I can find on eBay or Amazon. eBay has the best price and you get free shipping with most of the sellers. The magnesium should help you right away, but the B2 has to build up in your system. After 4 months I am to the point I only get mild headaches which Advil will work for me. If I do get a bad headache I take Zomig, but my bad headaches aren't as bad as to when I use to get migraines. I can say I don't get migraines headaches anymore. I do know nerves can add to getting bad headaches that is where magnesium will help your muscles to relax. I hope this info helps you! It will save you from going to a neurologist. (She also Rx Topamax and that med made me feel like a zombie, I hated that med, I called it DOPE-a-max.


Thank you Sue for you reply, i have been taking magnesium and will now add B2 and Butterbur. How are your headaches? Im just so frustrated that it never ends, its scary. However I think compared to many others I am "lucky" since Im able to function reasonably, even though they are taking their toll.


It sounds like you may have some type of neuralgia, not a headache or a migraine. Occipital neuralgia or trigeminal can cause symptoms like you explain. There is also a disorder called temporal arteritis, which is a narrowing of the temporal and medium to large arteries that make you feel this way. the treatment is prednisone


Also, to test for this, your doctor needs to order blood work, specifically a sedimentation rate (ESR) and rheum factor. like I said, prednisone is the empirical treatment for temporal arteritis/giant cell arteritis. if it isnt this, definitely look into trigeminal neuralgia! a lot of people mistake it for migraines at first. I, have both, unfortunately.


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