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Bad Migraine day

Bad Migraine day

On a bad migraine day, this is how I feel!

Hopefully NOT how I look!

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Hi cat mag weve all had days were weve felt rough migraines are very dibilitating my wife suffered them for years its amazing what she had to go through to get the right treatment have you been to your doctor about them if not it would be worth going to see them dont suffer with them when you. Can get something to help take care all the best david

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Thanks for the response David, it was just the way I was feeling. And it was just a bit of light relief for fun.

To answer your question, I've been thru a whole host of specialist. Nothing worked, I've had up to 21 days a month suffering migraine.

So in June I had a Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) block injection. It has given me some relief, but only in the last 3 weeks. I actually had 7 straight days without migraine. Then I got a cracker!

But never mind, I've got 3 slipped discs to keep me busy.

Take care.


OH my, that is horrendous. I thought I had them bad with a 3 day affair every 10 days. I hope something is going to come your way to give you relief from this! I went off medication as I also suffered from medication rebound headaches, I had had enough!!( wasn't recommended), at the same time I was lucky that I found a neurologist ( trained in Sweden) who had a different approach to my migraine problem. Although my vitamin B 12 wasn't all that low for UK standards, she started me on Hydroxocobalamin injections, first every other day, then twice a week ,then once a week then and now 1 every month for life or with a top up when required. It works for me. Gradually the frequency reduced and they were a lot less painful. Now when my B12 is lowered I know straight away as I start to feel very tired and foggy, my legs don't want to go, the migraine will reappear, I am in need of an injection. Now that I know how to read my body, I can stop the start of the migraines. I also know how to self inject, wasn't difficult to learn.

I suggest everyone, try give it at least 3-6 month and see if it can work for you. In the Netherlands they have a saying, Baat het niet, Schaadt het niet. Try it , you might like it, it won't do you any harm, you can't overdose with these injections. More information on the P.A.S. (Pernicious Anaemia Society) site. Also regularly check your folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin D levels, mine were also deficient, aswell as magnesium.

A good diet, lots of water, min. 2 liters a day and a gentle exercise regime contribute to my well being.

I wish it could work for you, I really do.


Awe Catmag 😘 it's just a brutal condition to live with 😣 .. although i did actually look like that lol with intense acupuncture ha!

Take care 😘 the fight is real !!! X


I wrote this piece of music a few years ago, sort of discribing how I felt during an episode

appreciate its not for everyone,no singing youll be pleased to hear, from feeling utterly depressed, miserable, pain, why me, and generally unwell to the releif.. its going at last

its all in there....

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