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5 migraines in 4 days



Feeling quite low today trying to rise above it but the older I’m getting the worst these bloody migraines affect me mentally. I’ve had 5 since Friday I don’t know what triggers mine I wish I did. I think mine are hormonal and stress related. I’m greeting a food allergy test tomorrow to see if that brings any light to the situation. I’m finding the depression after having a migraine bad but then the anxiety kicks in worrying I’m going to get another one. I feel I’m on a roller coaster and can’t get off. I don’t take any medication as did not do anything for me. I have aura migraines but on early hours of Saturday I woke up with a sore neck which I’ve had for a week and felt my eye was going to pop with the pain and a awful headache it was that bad I was throwing up all night. The next day I was like a zombie. I feel so bad as it knocks me so I can’t enjoy time with my children. I wish there was a cure.

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Dear Aundrea

My heart goes out to you. Have had a similar life and know all about the dread ...! Make sure you get the Best help because it is such a horrible illness and affects you and your family. So go to a migraine specialist if you haven't already. This website such a comfort because it helps to know you're not alone in the extremes of this illness and galvanises us into demanding some help.

Warm best wishes,


Aundrea in reply to Pippwin

Thank you having a bad day today hope tomorrow is better.


I find the same thing. The older I get the worse I feel especially after a 5 day stay in bed. But remember, it will pass and hopefully the next one won’t be as bad. Have you tried one of the triptans? They are specifically for migraine. Feel better.

Aundrea in reply to Hidden

Hi I have years ago from the doctor but I get really bad side affects from them so I can’t take them. I have to stick with paracetamol with anti sickness init. I am hoping I will start to feel better soon. Thanks

Hi Andrea

I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment. I completely understand your situation. I'm actually feeling in a similar way mentally at the moment, it does feel like your stuck on a rollercoaster!

The national migraine clinic are good to get in contact with.

I'm also thinking about getting an allergy test to see if it helps, it would be good to know if you have any luck with yours!

I really hope you feel better soon.

Best wishes


Thanks Natalie.

Hi Aundrea. My migraines became chronic about 4 years ago. Probably peri-menopausal but like you don’t seem to have specific triggers. Really gets you down doesn’t it.

I ordered some drinks last week (SIS hydration drinks) and had those yesterday and ordered dolovent vitamins yesterday..... 😂It’s been one of those months where I’ll try anything. Hope today is a better day for you. X

Aundrea in reply to DonnaSwales

Hi thanks for replying had a food tolerance test today so see what that brings up. I’m on all sort of vitamins also 😂. X

Looks like you might have read 1 of my posts about the SIS Hydro - I believe there definitely is something in it! If I'm at work or have a long day I will drop a tablet in a large bottle of water and drink throughout the day. I have been taking the Dolovent for months too. I don't find there is any 1 cure but having tried lots of things all together am finally getting some good relief from daily head pain - since having the Daith piercing on the 7th, I had 1 bad headache the next day, then nothing since. Keep strong and battle on!

Hi Katherine

Yes. SIS. It’s definitely a great way to try to keep hydrated. I’m pretty poor at remembering to drink throughout the day, have started on those this week.

My vitamins are in transit. Hopefully those will help too. I agree with your approach, have been on meds for a few years now but need to try to add something more in x

Try the drugs again. Try taking a triptan with an amiprazole then half hour later take a Naproxen! It’s helped me. You can’t carry on like that it’s miserable 😖

Sorry just read you can’t tolerate triptan. How about Naproxen?

Aundrea in reply to Kathybishop

I’ll give it a go. Thanks

lillycon in reply to Aundrea

Hoping you feel better again soon.

lillycon in reply to Kathybishop

Hi, I wanted to ask about naproxen. If anyone knows. Can u take these regularly. Or 2/3 times per week. Any side effects u know of or are these a short term only solution. And can u take on top of eletriptan?

Hiya if you take naproxen you should take something to help protect your tummy I have been taking naproxen for migraines and period pain and I am currently on a months course of omeprazole because thy have really uoset my stomach been in agony and terrible burning sensation, they can literally just strip the stomach lining and course ulcers so the next time I take naproxen I will always gets something to protect my stomach of the doctor as they can be a really helapfil pain killer

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