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Hello everyone. First off, i was wondering...

What exactly is Aura? I've heard of it, with some terms, but never really understood the pain or what it does, or how its caused.

I was wondering because do you guys think with the so many CONSTANT almost daily headaches i get that this could lead to Aura?

Thanks for the responces, and concern


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Hi Emma.

Auras aren't pain. What I get are flashing lights like crystals glittering. I believe others suffer other visual disturbances. It's all connected to migraine though. I'm sure there are others that will explain them to you. I think mine are connected to stress. They usually mean you are going to get a migraine headache. With mine I just get the auras. The bad heads I can get randomly.


I have almost daily constant headaches. Sometime I get auras before sometimes I don't. I have been diagnosed with Hemicrania continua. Maybe that's what you have


Go to and you can see a very accurate video of what a visual aura looks like.

Technically, a visual aura includes some type of visual disturbance - loss of vision ( I don't mean it goes black you just simply can't focus on a part of the field of vision) , flashing light or scintillating forms or fortifications as many call them.

Often people confuse a pro drome with an aura. A prodrome is simply the stages leading up to a migraine and can last for days, as can the post migraine.

If you want a great and easy to read book, I highly recommend Dr. Oliver Sack's book - Migraine. He was not only a renowned neurologist but a migraineur as well.


That was amazing. It totally explains what I experience.


I get flashing lights, which starts with not being able to see properly, and black holes in my vision.

I think you can get all sorts, I've also had tingling skin etc, which my neurologist said was aura.


Hi--I am a 77 yo female who has had migraine aura without headache off and on x the last 15 years. I'll suddenly notice blindness in a small area in the middle of my visual field , then a jagged intensely bright light shaped like a C which gradually enlarged and goes to the lateral part of visual field, then disappears--whole process takes about 20 minutes--no headache follows. It is not considered harmful or a predictor of strokes. For more info, read Oliver Sacks' book Migraine, where the syndrome of visual migraine aura is described and illustrated in detail. I had two episodes a day apart last week, but sometimes have gone for a year without any. Since it is not harmful, I am no longer fearful of getting migraine auras and am grateful that it is not followed with a headache.


Hi Emma,

aura isn't pain it's when migraines affect your vision I used to get black & white spots but now it's like a picture frame. I can see where the frame is but where the picture is is just a silvery blob I find the only way to get rid of it is to sleep it off. sometimes brights lights can affect you too so I always have a pair of sunglasses with me to help.


My aura is left side weakness in my limbs and blurry vison and pins and needles, slurred speech and depersonalisation and dissasociation and confusion. Basically it is like having a stroke. I have multiple auras over two to three days. Funny thing is I don't get the headaches. Isn't it strange how some people don't get the aura but others do but don't get the headache. It's a bizarre condition to be sure :)


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