Piece on Migraine Associated Vertigo in Daily Mail

Just wanted to flag this up for people. My MAV wasn't correctly diagnosed and I ended up having an inner ear operation that basically took me a year to recover from! For your mild interest physiotherapy (strengthening core neck balance muscles) made the biggest difference to my vertigo - but I also have mild neck damage.


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  • Wow, that has happened to me a few times now, thank you for sharing! I was treated for an inner ear infection the first time, but since then it has happened with actual migraine pain.

  • Sounds familiar! I know of other migraineurs with MAV who get the vertigo and dizziness at different times to the migraine, mine never coincided with the migraine which I think made it harder to diagnose. Also got Tinnitus too, which still rears its ugly head...

  • Hi

    I have exactly what you describe, I've just come out of hospital for it as this was so severe that I couldn't move or function normally, did you get something to take for it, I am now waiting for my GP

  • good article!

  • The DM never get it right: 'this is a migraine that doesn't cause headache'...wrong. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

    I'm a bit puzzled at the consultants comment that MAV treatment is straightforward! Anything but in my 30+ years experience of having vertigo! I see he's promoting the use of pizotifen. Interesting.

  • hi Saffronbread, I meant to add yesterday that I have a wii and will look at the balance exercises thank you T.

  • Fab...I think they recommend the skiing one (I think downhill slalom), and the snowball one. Though they are probably all good. I find the steps good in helping my co-ordination and balance. :)

  • saffron bread --how ya doing, havn't seen you on here for a while.? it was so kind of you to send me all the info the past weeks. As yet i am no further, however i am writing everything down for reference in the future , i have had bad headaches for 2 days followed by vertigo the last two weeks with a break of 5 day inbetween, noted that i have had bad vertigo in the past without a headache but the verigo after the 2 days head ache is milder ,but not comfortablw which you understand. this appears to be MAV to me from what I have read , Hope you are feeling ok Tx

  • Hi Tina

    I'll send you a private message :)

  • This is an awful story, Tina but entirely feasible that it caused your vertigo. I suffered a terrible neck after my arm was twisted behind my back at 21 years old and a nerve was trapped in the thoracic region. I then had blinding headaches and was diagnosed with migraine by a consultant in my thirties. Since that attack I have had undisguised vertigo and in hot weather feel as if I am falling over. When I worked in an osteopaths I had a lot of treatment with cracking of my neck. Looking back all it seemed to do was to give me worse heads and further incidence of vertigo. I must say the daily beta blockers do cut down the severity of migraine and also help with vertigo. I haven't tried to switch as it is so important to feel you aren't falling over.

  • Oh, that is interesting. I've recently had three dizzy episodes, which I assumed were inner ear congestion or whatever. It might be migraine, then? Hmmm. One more way for migraine to attack me!!! Damn it's eyes.

  • re post from victoria s I found it interesting that you mentioned physiotherapy, and would appreciate more information , some years ago I went to my doctor at the time with a very stiff neck, he went behind be and by surprise yanked my neck saying this was the cure ! I was on my way to manchester after my appointment and unfortunetly my neck fell to one side on the way and I had to go to the Royal infirmary in great pain-- the doctors there said that my doctor had ripped every muscle in my neck and i had to be fitted with a collar. I asked a specialist in vertigo if this could have caused a problem and he said no but... I have often wondered if this contributes to the fact i suffer from vertigo and maybe migraine. I used to have migraine years ago and was given a beta blocker for another reason and was migraine free and headache free for the time i was taking them. I researched pizotifen on the net and it appears that propanolol [beta blocker] has less side effects than pizotifen. Thank you for any further info on physiotherapy.

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