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tension headache relief

Hi anyone know of some effective remedies to relive tension headaches ? 

I'm using 

Lavender oil 

Peppermint oil 

Peppermint tea 

Hot pack and cold pack 

Hot shower and bath 

Neck massage 

Dark room and resting 

Also seeing a chiropractor and using nurofen and paracetamol 

Nothing seems to really give me much relief anymore can someone shed some light on what they do for relief ?


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Hi yesterday I had a daith piercing in my left ear to try and ease my migraines. I must admit I was a little sceptical but so far I'm really happy. I've haven't had to take any pain relief today and have been able to think clearly, and have felt much more like my old self. My headaches/migraines were happerning everyday and were starting to take over my life.i know it's only been one day but the relief of not having the pain feels pretty amazing. I'd give it a go, you could get a small discreet one that no one can see... Hope this helps. X


Hi is your piercing still helping 


Yes I haven't had a headache/ migraine since I had it done yesterday. I usually have to take 6/8 cocodamol tablets per day but haven't taken anything, fingers crossed it will continue to work. 

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How bad did the piercing hurt? I can't stand the idea of more pain.


Hi I had mine done about 5 weeks ago. I’m not going to lie it did hurt but seems to help a little with headache but I still get migraines I get aura migraines but the headache don’t seem as bad after I’ve lost my sight for 20mins I would give it a try.

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I think I will give it a try. I chickened our last night, but got a backward helix instead. That was my warm up Thank you for responding !

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I do all the things you've done but I don't use self hypnosis all's the help to relax can get ones specifically for migraines.


Hello, I am taking neproxin 350 mg every 12 hrs for two weeks, and since then I didn't have any headache, I have 2 more weeks to drink, and go back to see the neurologist, I hope I don't have more head ache. Feel better everyone.

Greeting from New York.


Have you tried shoulder/neck massage? Self-massage can be effective if theres no one around to do it for you. The muscles in my neck/shoulders end up rock hard, no lie, and trying to get them supple is the main battle against my tension headaches. Chamomile tea is fab too xx


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