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Headaches/ fatigue everyday :(

23 years old and everyday for the past 3 months I have had tension headaches that come on gradually and stay for approximately 3 hours then slowly subside until the evening when it starts up again 

Symptoms as follows

Sharp pains right side of head 

Intense pressure around frontal region 

Extreme onset Fatigue  

Slight dizziness 

Mild visual disturbance 

Mild uncoordination 

I have had bloods done MRI done CT done X-ray done bloods done and everything is coming back normal the next step is a neurologist but in the mean time I would like to know if anyone is in a similar situation

I have tried everything paracetamol ibuprofen lavender oil peppermint oil hot and cold compresses neck massages regular chiropractor visits hot baths cold showers you name it I've tried it but these remidies only seem to offer mild relief at time 

Yesterday it became so intense I went to ED and had ibuprofen and stemitil through IV until later being discharged... This is one of many visits to ED and I'm well and truly over it because I just want to be the normal 23 year old I was 4 months ago rather than panicking over this 

I have had no significant dietary changes and avoided all food that may have chemicals etc (eg.MSG) that could cause these headaches 

I'm not on regular medication and have no past history of trauma or any surgery etc 

Anyone else in this boat please let me know so I'm not alone 

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sounds like my migraine-----I get this type after I have been playing in my ukulele in a group where I am a  bit squished and hold it in an awkward position for 2 hours.


I went through a similar process and similar frustrations, although slightly older than you.  I did end up seeing several neurologists too, sleep clinics and many more tests, some of which were quite intrusive and they nearly lost me my career too.

Sensible things to do:

•    Do not tell your employers unless you really have to … the ones I encountered do not take mental illness lightly and will “get rid of you” in a round-about way.  They will not openly lay you off.  My advice is to keep illnesses to yourself unless it is affecting your ability to work, even if your employer “sounds” sympathetic.

•    Get professional advice in your own time wherever possible.  Do not listen to well-meaning friends, shrinks or crackpots.  The world is full of people who reportedly know something that worked in the past.  That said do keep your thoughts open on a forum such as this and do surround yourself by close friends and family … these keep your sanity when the world is rough.

Now what helped me; remembering all of us are unique.  My neurologist recommended many headaches can be relieved by getting rid of caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate, and other things that have caffeine added (including all pain killers, even if they do not say they have caffeine, J20, all energy drinks, most fizzy drinks) … read the labels).  Mine were severe migraines every day and I am down to one or two a month of a milder form now.  Please note I am on Topiramate for my headaches and Gabapentin to ensure I get sleep now because my headaches were keeping me awake at night.  Gabapentin is a muscle relaxant.

Simple things you can do, which are hard for someone so young, are bed at the same time each night, bath (if it works for you), lavender, fruit tea (such as mint or camomile) … all these things are supposed to relax the body an hour before getting ready to sleep.  If you have physical desires, as many of us do, then repeat this process after to ensure your body is relaxed and ready for sleep.  Sleep relaxes the mind for the next day, and hence eases any tension in the mind.

Good luck finding your balance.


I really feel for you - it must be awful. I started w similiar probs in my late 20's (I'm now 48 and a vet and complementary therapist in the UK). First thing - is this a medical or psychological problem. SOunds like you ve had all the medical tests done and I would suspect stress/some underlying psychological trauma is the root cause. You may be completely unaware of why this is happening - I was for years.. until eventually I had a breakdown and found myself crying for days w grief for my father who had died when I was 13. I had no conscious idea I'd never grieved for him properly and would have poopooed this kind of advice 20 years ago but it happened to me. I would strongly suggest you go to a talking therapy - councellor/therapist NOT a psychiatrist . If you are a creative person - try art therapy as that may help you unlock any deep seated trauma quicker or if you re completely cynical about it ( I was) try a short course of CBT. Acupuncture, aromatherapy massage or reflexology would probably really help. I have tried all these things and they ALL helped me. Now I still get tension headaches but I know how to manage them. I carry lavender, chamomile roman, peppermint and clary sage with me at all times and - as SOON as the headache starts - I sniff each one but you must do it in the order listed and stay sitting down for 5 mins after. If that doesn't clear it instantly, I'll resort to 2 paracetamol and only if bad reach for the para/codeine /pink migaleve combos. ALso eat something. Look at your work/life balancce/relationships and try to work out what makes you happiest. Write a diary - just let your thoughts flow onto a page - helps get rid of subconscious worries.. hope this all helps but really felt for you nd wanted to jot down my thoughts. Good luck - let me know how you get on (am on facebook under frances oconnell) x


Thanks for the replies I'm still Waiting to see a neurologist still not having much luck with it like I said trying essential oils and vaporisers with the oils and even trying neck massages to rule out tense neck muscles and also had an eye test done today to rule out strain on the optical nerve and my vision is 85% near perfect but I was told I require glasses for "general purpose" but not the primary cause of headaches 

Has anyone had relied using "endep" I was prescribed it by my ENT specialist but my regular doctor said it would just be a "cover up" instead of fixing the root cause of the issue

Anyone else know of some good remedies 


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Hey curtis you really need a diagnosis , not easy i know 😭 keep pushing your GP.

Hopefully this episode is controllable . A lot of people find magnesium and Vit D help, others find feverfew every morning works well as a prevention. You do sound like your having a cluster of headache/ migraine. 

If you can't put your finger on the root cause you should treat the symptoms. Try migraleve duo, pink & yellow tablets. These should get your headaches into a manageable state. Look up breathing techniques  ( i know, you just want them gone!! But it can help).

I was taken down for 18mths, just out the blue!! Had every tablet/ treatment  private and nhs as well as chiropractor / physio.....nothing worked because it was my jaw causing all my migraines  ( multiple daily).

Look at food/ time of day/ water intake and keep a diary  it'll cut the crap down when you get to neurologist they'll ask you to do it over 3mths and just feed you crap till you've done it. 😭😭

Google migraine diary!!

Take care 

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I suffered with daily migrains too.  Usually starting early hours of the morning lasting from 3 hours to sometimes all day. Mine are a lot less frequent and less intense. I use a chi machine twice a day, I have had a daith piercing, I take magnesium, feverfew and vitamin D. I have given up tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Something has helped, not sure which it is or maybe a combination of all. It's just trial and error. I am now able to control mine with the odd couple of co codamol.  I have suffered for over three years with these damn things.  Good luck 

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