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Strenuous exercise - trigger?

Just lately, every time I do a spin class (fixed bicycle) or other particularly strenuous exercise, within 30 minutes I get a migraine. I have been doing these classes for years and have had migraines almost all my life but this apparent trigger has only just started. I do all the things I should like warming up keeping hydrated and all the other recommended things. I have two questions:

1. I don't want to give up these classes so does anyone have any ideas bearing in mind that I already do all the obvious avoidance things.

2. What is the causal link? Some people say increased blood flow others say blood pressure. (I have controlled hypertension.) Other reports suggest the release of certain chemicals.

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I just left a reply on the previous post...just guessing, but histamine release with aerobic exercise can cause migraines, as well as low blood pressure, which may also cause headaches. An antihistamine, like claritin (loratadine), may help, if that is the mechanism.


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