Anyone else's migraine trigger smells?

My migraine trigger is perfume all I have to do is be near someone wearing perfume especially the cheap stinky stuff & I get one. Air fresheners are also a major cause especially the plug in ones which are just killer. I also can't go near white lillies & hyacinths as their smell also triggers migraines. As you can imagine it can make life difficult sometimes fortunately my migraines aren't as bad as they used to be just a bad headache & nausea I used to get a lot of aura ones but these seem to of stopped thankfully.

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  • main trigger is hormonal for me but I am sensitive to smells - eg paint, tobacco

    have heard of perfumes as well for others.

    funny how symptoms bother people in different ways - aura tends not to be a major concern for me but the nausea is my killer - so violent :)

    I do find that other smells can ease a bit so might be worth looking for some odours that help and see if they can mask. The ones that work for me would probably be killers for you though - peppermint, citric scents and ylang ylang.

  • Perfumes trigger migraines for me big time. The cheaper ones are the worst-- especially if I am in The Zone-- borderline about to tip into migraine territory. Essential oils don't bother me as much unless I am in the midst of a headache, at which time I can't tolerate ANY stimulus: smell, light, sound. Zero. Recently I was in a metaphysical bookstore that was burning and selling intense Indian incense -- I pulled my scarf up over my nose which helped block. For some reason Japanese incense does not trigger for me, and I burn it every day I am headache-free!!

    Be well everyone. Keep trying and keep tuning in for help.

  • I know what you mean about the cheap perfumes they are awful. The problem is there's nothing you can do unless you are willing to stay home 24/7.

  • I'm fine with citrus scents but they have to be natural, chemical ones give me a headache but woody & plant smells like lavender are a no go for me. Paint & some types of glue are also triggers so I know how you feel. Sometimes I think it would be so nice not to have a sense of smell.

  • Me too. Perfumes, and plug ins are the worst for me. Olbas oil, or lemon or lime oil I find quite good at counteracting the nausea in particular.

  • Plug ins should be banned. I'll have to try olbas oil or lemon oil although I tend to find eating something helps with the nausea. Thanks for the advice.

  • My hubby! perfumes and some types of flowers, also household cleaning products, shower gel and deodorants cause most hassle because everyone uses them, there is no way to avoid them.

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