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Migraines all the time?


Hi! I am only twelve years old and I get migraines all the time. (My mom knows I'm doing this don't worry) I've been having migraines my whole life but no one knows what's wrong with me. I recently almost fainted the other day too. I had blood work done Wednesday and nothing is wrong they say. Please help me and tell me what you think might be the cause. Thanks.

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At your age, migraines are much more likely to be hormone related than anything else. I'm surprised your doctor hasn't prescribed something to treat them, stop them when you feel one coming on. When you get one, how died it feel? What kind of pain is it? Any other problems along side the pain? Anything make it worse?

Awkwardtaco in reply to Hidden

The pain is in the middle-top right side of my forehead. Just walking around or even talking sometimes makes it feel worse

Hi there, sometimes it is better to find a nutritionist to help to see if that can be the cause. This may help: radiotimes.com/news/2011-11...

Best of luck. MaryF

It's very sad to hear you're suffering so much at such an early age. I was in that boat and it's very difficult to advise you what to do. You need to find a doctor who specialises in migraine: most doctors do not really understand the problem.

You could try one thing which if it works will be marvellous and if it doesn't won't do you any harm. Many people are intolerant of certain daily foods. See what happens if you go a whole week without eating anything containing wheat or cow's milk of any kind. You probably already know you should avoid anything with caffeine in it (cola, tea, coffee) or any kind of chocolate.

Nothing to do with your age, as you said you've had them all your life. Firstly get a MRI scan. (this should of been done already). See a neurologist asap. Go from there.

Thank you all so much! I'll try all of these tips!

Ali65 in reply to Awkwardtaco

On the diet front make sure you drink plenty of water. It's important to keep hydrated. Eat regularly and make sure you keep regular hours. Try and go to bed at the same time each day, get up at same time too. Yes even at the weekend. ...sorry! Have a good breakfast within an hour of waking......really hope things improve for you.

Awkwardtaco in reply to Ali65

That's the thing, I do. Yes even on weekends. I've done all of the things you've recommended because that's what the doctor said at first. I still do it just doesn't help. And I'm always tired. No matter how much I sleep I'm always tired. But thanks anyways! :)

they say their is no correlation between migraines and them being hereditary , but me and my ex partner are both severe sufferers and my 14 yr old son gets them and my 12 year old daughter has been getting them lately and frequently too. every one has given you good advice here.

this was given to me by my headache nurse migrainetrust.org/factsheet...

it is worth having a look through.. i would also press your doctor for some kind of investigation and relief try and get a neurology referral. as they will help you more then a gp can. no offence to any gps that may be in this group but their knowledge with migraine is not the best in the world. and it is hard to get the right treatment from them

I hope you get some relief from your pain and i wish you all the best


Thank you! My mom gets migraines sometimes but no one in my family gets them as much as I do... But I'll check out the website thanks! :)

you are welome i hope you get some help some where or there is the smallest bit of information that can point you in the right direction.. i first got migraines when i was 16 but that was stress related due to exams and such.. they soon stopped when i finished school :) xx

all the best


Sometimes in this modern world we live in, toxins are a major key to eliminating pain. Taking a large dosage of activated charcoal to help clean out your system is a cheap, harmless (no known over-dosage possible) and effective way to try that out. I successfully used this to end a migraine in under 90 minutes (takes a little bit to work). healingtools.tripod.com/cha...

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