Daith piercing

Week 2 of my Daith piercings, well here I am at the end of my first week of the trendy grandma look! Day 1 and 2 I still had my migraines as usual but I must say since day 3 I haven't had any more, im still on my topirimate and amtriptyline for prevention as well and have no intention of stopping these at the moment but have an appointment in a month with the doctor to discuss this if the outcome stays the same , im still a bit apprehensive.

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  • Awesome! I got one done early November and went back for he other side (just in case) and even my background headaches are gone. And I haven't had a migraine since I got the first one. So glad it is working for you too!

  • Hi Kelci ,

    Im glad to hear that you have noticed some improvements!

    I got mine done 10 days ago on the right side as I get my migraines there 85% of the time. Had a really bad run just before that with my migraines and thought, enough is enough!

    My 10 day update is that I have had no attacks on the right side yet, I had 2 on the left side a few days after piercing and so fat that's it! If it is just a coincidence or even a psychological thing where I 'believe' it's working, I don't know - but either way I am happy!

    I understand the apprehensive feeling completely ...its like, could a piercing really sort out this horrible problem?! ...maybe it does :)

    I'm still have my triptans and standby and I find that strangely enough, an old remedy I used to use before discovering triptans 9 years ago works well - Alka Seltzer XS.

    Mine are hormonal mostly, so this next week will be the real test.

    I hope this continues to work for you :)

  • Can I ask, you people that have had your ears pierced how long they took to heal, mine are still tender to touch after 8/9 days I thought they would have been getting better about now or is it cos im an old age pensioner now!

  • Hi mine are still a little sore I believe to heal completely it takes around 3-4months do you spray it with saline spray you can get it from any tattoo and piercing shop mine are 3weeks old so not to tender

  • Hi Keli. I had mine done 6 weeks ago. Mine took about 4 weeks before they stopped being sore but I know they can take months to totally heal. I had 3 weeks of no migraines but have had the occasional not too bad ones since. On a good run atm. 7 days free apart from very slight 30 mins this morning at 6am. I have also started with the electric pulses on the forehead for 5 mins a day. So happy to say I'm almost drug free, no preventatives and very rarely a triptan. Feeling quite excited now that I might be getting my life back. I also feel very apprehensive as so many times I think I've cracked it only to be disappointed but certainly looking forward to a pain free Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all xxx oh it's 7 weeks now...whoop! Xx

  • Well it's 3weeks since i had mine done and iam 10 days clear of my daily headaches with no meigrain so fingers crossed things are going well I've have taken pain killers daily for years I can not believe the change I would recommend anyone on try it and hopefully it works for you I am in my fifties your never to old

  • I'm on the second week of piercings as well and I haven't had a major migraine in days. I am feeling slightly off balance though, but 2 of my doctors started me on new meds, neither of which I believe have helped my migraines. but I have to figure out for sure which one of the 3 helped.

  • Thanks for all the feed back! Im really looking forwards to the festive season enough to maybe try a wine or two tomorrow! That will be a good test! Never in 21 years have I been able to have a drink of alcohol without a migraine about 2-3 hours later! Daith piercing here we go. Merry Christmas everyone xx

  • I just had my Daith piercings done 5 days ago. Both sides to cover my bases and in hopes this work. A friend of mine had hers done 1 yr ago and has been migraine free. Several friends of our family have had the Daith done and highly recommend it as well. My tattooist knew exactly what I was asking for and has done many for the same reason. Prior to the Daith I had AcuStaples done which are only available in limited areas due to trained people being needed to do the specific procedure. Our area North Dakota happens to do it. That worked very well for me and my tattooist even used my prior locations to pierce for my Daith. I was told that sometimes it takes a full month before noticing any affects of the piercing working by people having it done. I am very hopeful. I also take Triptans along with doing supplements and Botox injections.

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