Daith Piercing - survey of 380 respondents

There was an online migraine summit in the USA recently. The coordinator of it all asked migranuers their thoughts on the Daith Piercing. I know a few people post about the success on here quite a bit so have linked the poll below for you to have a look at and see people's comments too.


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  • I'll stick with pinching the area when I first feel pain, which does seem to help ( so far - 2 months)

  • Really interesting. Thanks for posting. I've never heard of this but the results don't encourage me to pursue it.

  • No I agree, it was quite negative, but I thought interesting for people to make an informed decision based on real life comments, rather than a PR type newspaper article.

  • Hi guys I'm going to give it a go on Thursday, I will try anything now even though I will look like a lunatic getting a Daith person at 52 I will post how I get on 🐶

  • I had mine done at age 52. !! They are very small and not many people even notice. I think they have helped- especially in first few weeks which helped me to reduce my triptans intake. Good luck

  • Thanks KateeB that's good to hear, I really hope It works I'm running out of options, pity they don't do brain transplants, I would probably try that to 🐶

  • Hope it works for you! Many friends say I need a new head and I agree!

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