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I have read so much about migraine/headaches on the site, I have not yet seen anything regarding a PFO. I know your pain. I suffered from

. migraine since I was a child. I had the 'aura', vomiting, hated noise and bright lights. I fainted a few times over the years, heavy nose bleeds etc. I had the attacks two/three times a week. At that time it was take a headache pill and carry on. So I carried on. I carried on working, I could not afford to take time off work. I tried everything, including cutting out foods that were regarded as a trigger. I was prescribed Ergotomine suppositories. I t did not work. I read an article in a magazine stating yoga can cure migraine. I joined a c lass, over the yearsthe migraine attacks increased, In 2000 I had tests and in 2003 I was told I was born with a hole in the heart, a PFO. More tests and it was confirmed, I finally had open heart surgery in 2006. The hole was too close to the arteries, keyhole surgery was out of the question.

Since that time I have learned a lot more.

Please see your GP and ask for a referral to a cardiologist.

There is also surgery, one type is Deep Brain Stimulation for cluster headaches/migraine.

DBS is used for many other conditions, eg..Epilepsy, Dystonia etc..

Yoga asanas must be modified to such an extent that the person may find some benefit,

I wish you all well.

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I too have a PFO but have told if the brain scan comes clear(no lesions) it doesn't need closing. My scans were clear but I have migraine with aura once a month at least and this time a mild attack has left me with severe speech problems for almost a week now :( it is all quite scary


I did not have a brain scan, I had an 'echo'. I had several tests done under cardiology. Just before I had the surgery, I was told the hole was the size of a ten pence piece. You don't

need a brain scan for that.

I hope you will find some comfort soon. It is a most distressing condition.


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