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Could not use the right words suddenly during migraine !!!

I have migraine since I was 18 , mainly triggered by food

Attacks used to be once a month or whenever I ate specific types of food which is a big list , usually I got paracetamol when aura started then the pain is acceptable later

Recently I have been diagnosed with atrial flutter and put on sotalol which is a type of beta blocker , my migraine become worse

I'm having daily migraine along with aura , sometimes few attacks daily

My symptoms mainly moderate headache but sever aura , dizziness light head ,chest tightness , numbness in hands feet and lips ,......

Today I had something scary , I couldn't talk , or know how to find the right words , I felt all words mixed up in my head , it took around longest ten minutes ever!!!!

Anyone had similar experience !? I didn't meet any doctor in regard my migraine since I had been diagnosed 30 years back


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hi there...

that .. is a common symptom of my migraines i used to hate it when it first happened , you know the word, you can see the word but cant physically speak it. i believe there are others on the board who have similar as well as i made a posting about this a while ago :) your not alone with it.. my partner and i now laugh when it happens but the first few times it can be scary i know that. my worst is usually when im out shopping.. it turns a normal shopping trip into a total nightmare.

Steph x


Hi Maitha, I get migraine headaches similar to those you're describing and the word thing happens sometimes too. it's really scary! one time it happened really badly I was driving with my daughter in the car must have been about 12 years ago and the cars infront of me kept disappearing from my vision. I managed to call the doctors after several attempts to remember the number and dial it and just said help headache! they sent a fixture round and I remember I kept saying to him I've got a brain tuna!!! I couldn't remember the words. He reassured me it wasn't a tumour. He called my husband home from work for me because he couldn't leave me alone with my disabled young child and he came back in the evening because he thought I might have had a stroke or TIA but later said it was probably a severe migraine. I've been on Gabapentin, zomig nasal spray and diclofenac for them since then as well as the meds for my fibro and lymphedema, I rattle a bit! maybe they need to adjust your medication to help you? migraines are horrible, I've even ended up in hospital with mine. If I was you I'd talk to your doctor to find out the options. take care

april x


Well the brain does some very weird and wonderful things! And frightening ones as well. But I find all these posts very comforting and encouraging as everyone understands what it is like to have migraines. Did you see the section about Botox on TV in Trust me I'm a Doctor?


I think sufferers perhaps should think about that migraine is a neurological symptom, is far from widely understood medically, and can be linked to other neurological conditions or symptoms. Neurology is not the most understood medical area in itself. I'm not quite saying "abandon hope". Seriously, though, in a way, I'm kind of saying, maybe, to a degree, become happy pals with the "abandon hope" possibility, pet and stroke it, while naturally being on the other side of never giving up, calmly going on looking for help and cure, I suppose. Know that never finding out or being "cured" may be the final winner, though!

Another, different thing to say about migraine, which I couldn't help discovering after searching so much online for information because of suffering constantly, is that migraine is also a symptom of many, many conditions. Here I mean principally non-neurological conditions. From tick born or parasitic diseases to odd, rarer conditions developing from circumstances or genetically to auto-immune conditions and allergies, migraine can be symptomatic of so much. For the greatest amount of people, though, it is only known as a condition in itself.

Unfortunately. It may be part of why medics have not been able to identify the cause or heal migraine in 90% or more of sufferers. You look randomly at many serious conditions and migraine can be the first or an early symptom (a good many I've found go on to include death in 10 years!). (While I think it seems not common, maybe rare, for migraine sufferers to die from the conditions they're suffering from, at least in Europe. I'm not sure if I can say "the West", including Americas and Australia.)

The main thing I wanted to say is that migraine and included or related neurological symptoms such as not being able to form words just highlights the baffling nature of the suffering and neurological conditions. It's a really good thing to ask other sufferers about this because you may come across someone who has experienced it and, for them, it's been worked out or causes or remedies or known. However, also, you can bear in mind that not only do you and most other people not know what this kind of thing is, often beyond symptoms alone and maybe a region of the brain typically involved, doctors generally seem not to know what this is exactly or caused by.

This may be some neurological complex that could be known, yes, you ought to ask the doctor who looks at your history and current state. Or, more likely, something not understood much or at all yet. The thing is that it is neurological (meaning brain, simply) and / or nervous system related. (This may mean the condition stems from dysfunction in either part of the body, brain or nervous system, but also that may be initially at least, the expression there from some non-neurological or nervous system source.)

That's a wider picture I'm aware of. I don't know about individual conditions really at all and have been warned by a neurologist not to bother trying from trying to make sense of everything online alone. You can tie yourself up without even being correct, maybe totally mistaken. The neurologist knew of my greatly reduced consciousness and failing memory. Other, more normal and alert people may have a better time researching personally, though.


I have that problem and I also cannot understand what people say to me.

I loose central vision which is a pain when driving


Thanks for you all

I read all your comments which gave me relief little bit because this is the first time I had it that bad , I really thought it was a stroke specially that I'm having heart problem

I will discuss this with my cardiology soon , since I'm linking worsening my migraine symptoms with one of my new medication

I agree with you all that it is not easy to live with migraine , I have long list of food to be avoided , a life style I should stick to and a list of other triggers should be avoided

I never had preventive medicine for it , I don't believe from others experiences that it is helping due to its side effects

Always watching my diet to prevent any possible triggers , and it happens a lot by mistake or eating outside unfortunately

Wish you all healthy life away from migraine


Hi, You've just discribed my last 2 and a half weeks, more or less, Migraines are horrible, sometimes the aura and disabilities it causes are worse than the actual pain and like you sometimes the pains absent and not that bad.


I sometimes get confused and get words back to front or develop like a mini stutter but it only happens for a little while then goes. It can be a symptom with a lot of people.


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