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100 mg Sumatriptan tablets vs imitrex injections?????

Hi all

I'm currently on 100 mg of sumatriptan tablets and have 3 monthly rounds of Botox to ease my chronic migraines. Although the Botox has changed my life dramatically I still have the occasional migraines usually a hormonal one, which I take sumatriptan for, but the tablets are taking such a long time to relieve my pain and I have been reading about the imitrex injections being a better pain reliever.

Any opinions welcome as I am seeing my neurologist next month and will ask him for a change of medication.

Thank you

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Hi. You can get sumatriptan spray which you inhale ...this is quicker working than tablets if you don't fancy injecting yourself!


I used to use the sumatriptan nasal spray. The taste isn't too good but I seem to remember it kicked in within about 30mins, so faster than any triptan tablet I have ever taken.


I also have botox but the migraines have taken over recently. Haven't found sumatriptan or naratriptan very helpful but Gp prescribed rizatriptan last week (which I haven't needed yet). She said it melts on the tongue and is absorbed into the system a lot better & quicker than sumatriptan so could be more effective. Time will tell!


Hi I've been on them and was brought of last week there not very good I have been taking them on and of for 3 years and my gp said to come of them there not really good as she suffers migraine also..but they may help you x


I have the injections...they are a bit fiddly at first but they do seem to have a few less side effects than the tablets and nasal spray for me - mainly in that I feel more sickly and dizzy on the tablets. they work but leave me feeling really tired and migraine tends to be back again a few hours after taking sumatriptan.


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