Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment

Some of you might know from my earlier posts that I've been waiting for my first treatment of Botox for Chronic Migraines. I wasn't expecting a appointment until October,but on Monday i received i phone call telling me i could have it done on Friday. withing 20 minutes i had 31 injections done and i was free to go, some of the injections weren't anything more than a sting other areas such as the jaw and neck caused me to feel sick and faint due to pressure, it wasn't an enjoyable 20 minutes and i'm not looking forward to my next session in 3 months time but i can honestly say if i get just a few days of being pain free from it ,it will have been worth it , fingers crossed in the next few weeks ill notice a difference.

If anyone's had or having Botox for migraines please comment , i'd love to know your thoughts.

I also attached a photo for anyone who wondered where the Botox is injected.

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  • I had it done last week. Also unexpectedly! I thought it was just a consultation with the Doctor to be put on the waiting list, but I had it done there and then. I found it quite painful too - particularly the points around the side of the head/ear area. Anyway, it's been 10 days and I'm starting to notice a reduction in my migraines already. I don't want to tempt fate but the last 6 months I've had a migraine everyday and I've already had 3 or 4 migraine free days since the botox. Apparently it can take 2 weeks to fully kick in, and some people don't get any effects til the second I'm feeling very optimistic!

  • fingers crossed it does help! the ear area and the neck area i had real trouble with, its been nearly a week and only now im able to touch the areas without pain, i had bruising on the neck area that came with a nasty bump! im on day 6 after the injections ,since having them ive been worse so hopefully i'll notice a difference and have some relief!

  • Hi I had my first session of Botox on the 22nd July and it seems to have worn off after three weeks and I am not due to get my next session until the end of the October. There was a couple of days where the headaches were mild but that didn't last long and it was soon back to normal 24/7 headaches. I have since had to get Codeine Phosphate painkillers from the doctors to try and relieve my headaches slightly as there is no way I can wait until the end of October with the pain to see if the second session will work out better. I too was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine and have tried various medications over the last 8 years but nothing has worked so far.

    I have also had an MRI scan recently and they discovered that I have a cavernoma in my brain. I had an MRI scan 6 years ago and this was never picked up on, however, a neurologist that I saw the other week (not my usual neurologist) looked at my previous MRI scans and noticed that it was there then, so I have had this for at least 6 years, probably longer due to the size of it. I am therefore wondering if this is the cause of some of my headaches as I have been getting these headaches/migraines for the last 8 years. I am going to see my neurologist next Friday so will hopefully see what she has to say.

    I hope the Botox works better for you as it is good to have some relief from the pain. They do say that sometimes it takes a few sessions to work, so although I am not looking forward to getting all of the injections again, I will keep trying. Best wishes.

  • Any update? I have a cavernoma and I want to try Botox. Thanks.

  • Botox it's very expensive I don't know if my extended insurance cover ?

  • Hi I'm on my 7th Botox treatment I have it every 15 weeks it's not the most pleasant experience but it defiantly works to a degree.

    I have had megraines 24/7 and paralization down my left side loss of feeling in my fingers toes and lips. Been hospitalised twice. I'm unsure how botox works but it defiantly helps I have all feeling back. My pain level is reduced dramatically!

  • I've had this for a couple of years and have found a lot of relief from it. My only problem was with the forehead injections as they made my eyelids droop so much I couldn't see properly! Consultant has now adapted the sites so that I don't have that problem anymore :)

    Good luck - I hope that it works and you get some relief x

  • Thank you! its only been six day but i have noticed that my one eyebrow is wonky compared to the other side when i raise them, i think this is from the Botox because there's a difference in feeling on either side.

  • I have had botox for migraines for the 5 cycles! I have seen a huge help in my overall pain level! Hope it helps you!

  • Hi I've had 2 lots of Botox and they really helped my mirgraines I was havein about 20-25 migraines a month with the Botox I get 4-5 a month but went to see my dr Friday I was expecting my 3rd Botox and he told me he wouldn't do the 3rd one until another 2 months as I've had 2 and they r working I have to see now if my mirgraines come bk more which I think is stupid as in 3 days so far I've had mirgraines that means I have to suffer for another 2 months.what the point if it go tin me it twice he says he got to go by the guidelines x

  • That's an amazing difference , last month i had 30/31 days of migraines so it would be amazing if i could get them down to 4-5, i agree with what you say about it being stupid not keeping up with the doses, i understand they have to be careful, but honestly the thought of gaining so much of my life back and then having a doctor tell me its going to be taken away because of his choice about when we're aloud the third round fills me with anxiety.

    i'm only on my first round, but i cant deny im already anxious about the results and what will or wont happen after.

  • Hi, I have had two rounds of Botox and am two thirds through the non Botox stage. The first round made my migraines worse, the second round made them considerably better. I agree with the guidelines bc I was wondering myself if it was just chance that my migraines improved as I often have a good phase after a bad phase. So far my migraines have got a lot worse so i'm naturally hopping the next round will help. I've had chronic migraines for 33 years, I have been on about 17 different kinds of meds. The only bad thing i have found with the Botox is that I get a lot of neck pain and I now cannot do much exercise ( other than walking a lot) bc it sets my neck off, the next pain has been really really bad.

  • Hi, I had two rounds with good effect. The good effect meant I dropped below the 15 headache/migraine days a month, so I didn't get the third one! I can't quite get my head around that! It works, so you can't have it again?! Anyway, I got worse again so had another round, brilliant again! Went back again and the nurse said NO!

    Is there any other treatment where if it works, you can't have it next time? It's a crazy NHS world we live in!

    I'm having around 10 headache/migraine days now. Just need to get worse to have it again!

  • Ive had Botox for 2 half years, it really has helped decrease the recovery time significantly. I don't find it too painful, I do get a bad headache after but it's worth it. I have just started going to 4 months between injections. Don't run the injection sites, especially the forehead this can cause eyelid to droop. I've never had this happen.

  • I have had it twice, had horrific side effects, first time flu like symptoms, and sore throat and shoulder pain for about 34 days - finally wore off.

    2nd lot of infections I asked not to be injected in the left shoulder as that's the one that gave me the pain. This time no pain in my shoulders just again flu like symptoms, sore throat and fever, been off work a month and finally starting to feel better.

    I am not having it again, my migraines are less intense however, the side effects are hideous for me.

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