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Heart and head

Anyone with vestibular migraine and bppv suffer from ectopic heart beats?? I'm t...

Podcast For Migraine

We are the National Migraine Centre the only UK charity that treats migraine. Th...

Having chronic headaches as a child

Hello everybody, I am new to HealthUnlocked but unfortunately not new to headach...
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Vestibular Migraine

So I’m almost at the end of my first week of Couch to 5K and part of my motivati...

4 day headache

Ive had a headache varying in intensity for the past 4 days. My sides of my head...


I have just started taking topriamate for migraine and have taken 2 tablets inst...

Cold turkey

I learned recently if I was taking migraine based drugs ( tension headace, tylen...

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