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Migraines and stroke risk and “white spots on the brain”

I went to see a neurologist at my local hospital today about visual migraines, w...

Migraine Cravings

Hi, I wondered if anyone has any advice for combatting migraine cravings? It ha...

Amitriptyline 25mg

Has anyone taken Amitriptyline 25mg..and have numbess and tingling in arms?
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Oh my head,or is it?

Now I've had numerous headaches over the Last few months, and ive had numerous m...

Heads up! Podcast on Triptans

I have listened to the Head's up Podcast and really enjoyed learning about Tript...

Introduction - I was nagged ...

Actually to be fair it was more of a prompt than a nag; thank you Simone. I am a...

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